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  1. Image featuring "Antler City", a desert settlement in Broken Weave

    Vault 5e: Broken Weave

    Broken Weave is a 5e roleplaying game in a dark and tragic fantasy setting where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. You will explore, create, and forge connections between isolated groups of survivors while fighting against titanic corrupted monsters and stabilise the world. Read more...

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    Our Uncharted Journeys Kickstarter is completed and fully funded!

    In case you missed it, our Kickstarter campaign has ended and Uncharted Journeys is fully funded just shy of €50,000!
    Thank you all so much for your support. Its been a great few weeks and its been wonderful to see the excitement everyone has for Uncharted Journeys. Thanks to you, Uncharted Journeys will be a reality. Not only that, your support means that the book has jumped from 192 pages when we started to a whopping 272 pages with the addition of all the stretch goals we unlocked!
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    Less than 24 hours left for our Uncharted Journeys Kickstarter!

    Less than 24 hours before our Kickstarter for Uncharted Journeys ends! We’re over 400% funded and have unlocked lots of stretch goals, but there’s still time to back and add even more!

  4. 5e_UJ_Social Media_Dragon Fully Funded

    Uncharted Journeys is Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

    You've done it! Uncharted Journeys for 5e has successfully funded on Kickstarter! But our journey is only just beginning!

    Cubicle 7 would like to thank everyone involved who helped our Uncharted Journeys 5e Kickstarter project reach its goal! We are delighted to be bringing this book and your possible journeys to life. If you still haven't backed, be sure to check out the Kickstarter here.

    What's Next?

    Now that Uncharted Journeys is a reality, lets see what additional content we can add to the book! We've already plans in place for additional content like character sheets as well as new exciting locations such as Haunted Lands, War Torn Lands, and Lands of the Fae to mention a few.

    We've alm

  5. 5e_UJ_KS Live 13 September

    Uncharted Journeys – Roles

    Before we continue our preview of Uncharted Journeys for 5th edition, we have some very exciting news: Uncharted Journeys will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday the 13th of September! Be sure to follow the Kickstarter page here so you are notified as soon as the campaign launches. We'll share more news and a sneak peak this Monday, so be sure to check back.

    Now, with that out of the way, on with the preview!


    A successful journey requires cooperation and understanding from all members of the party. To help with this, Uncharted Journeys introduces

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    Uncharted Journeys - Ancient Ruins

    Uncharted Journeys will be coming soon to Kickstarter, bringing in-depth and elegant travel rules to 5e. We’ve already discussed the people you might meet along the way, so today we’re looking at the ancient ruins and forgotten sites you might come across on your journey.

    Uncharted Journeys will be launching on Kickstarter soon, so be sure to follow the project here to be notified when it launches.

    Ancient Ruins

    Ruins are relics of the past, long since abandoned by their cre