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  1. BaylCover Copyright

    WFRP: The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes PDF is out now!

    Happy #WarhammerWednesday! Today we are delighted to announce Warhammer Fantasy: The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes PDF is out now!
    The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes is a 18 page PDF which continues a series describing various tribes, warbands, and groups of roving troublemakers.
  2. Copy of 3. Enemy Within

    WFRP: Enemy Within collection is now complete!


    The appointed hour has come! The Enemy Within are ready to reveal themselves in their full glory, and all their machinations have been uncovered. Gather a party of the brave, the foolish, and the desperate.
  3. EiR Foundry Cover

    WFRP The Empire in Ruins Now Available on Foundry VTT!

    Today, we are delighted to launch The Empire in Ruins Module for Foundry VTT! 

    You can pick up your copy here! 

    This item is a digitized version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Empire in Ruins Campaign and Companion for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. The Foundry Virtual Tabletop and WFRP Core Module is required.

    We know that many of you have been enjoying the excellent Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Foundry Virtual Tabletop modules that are already available:

    • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core 
    • Warhammer Fa
  4. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Up in Arms

    WFRP: Future Visions, New and Improved Precognitions

    ‘Err … right … well as accurate as this thing is there is an art to interpretation, so these brass rings turn and display an array of symbols … so what have we got? The goddess Verena, the axe, the sun. The fortress reversed? The sign of Mummit? Uh … bear with me.’

  5. Warhammer Fantasy Role-play Up in Arms Cover

    WFRP Up in Arms: The Cult of Myrmidia

    The younger Kreiglitz informed me that his scouts had reported heavy enemy forces moving to the south of the river. A battalion designed to pin the enemy in place and deliver a shocking blow, consisting of the flower of Ostland’s Knightly Orders backed up by several regiments of halberd and a force of crossbowmen picked from the Wolfenburg tower guards. 

  6. WFRP Imperial Zoo Reveal!

    WFRP Imperial Zoo Reveal!

    The Imperial Zoo for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is going through final checks and will be out in the coming weeks in PDF— along with a stunning collector’s edition!

    For now we want to give you a sneak peek of some interior art for the Rhinox above as well as some page spreads.

  7. WFRP Winds of Magic - Upcoming Release

    WFRP Winds of Magic - Upcoming Release

    Coming soon from Cubicle 7, Winds of Magic is a sourcebook dedicated to helping players and GMs add even more depth and detail to their Wizards and Witches. Containing a veritable grimoire of new spells, new sorcerous allies and enemies, new approaches to ritual, the creation of magical servants, and more.

  8. WFRP: The Enemy Within - Death on the Reik

    WFRP: The Enemy Within - Death on the Reik

    The Enemy Within is a huge, five-volume, 10-book campaign that has been an integral part of our WFRP schedule for the last few years. The release of Volume 5 - Empire in Ruins and its companion in PDF late last year was cause for celebration as we could finally reveal how things would end! The feedback has been amazing so far and we are delighted to see so many of you enjoying it.

    Since the final companion was released, we've been looking back at each volume of the Campaign and sharing some insights from the WFRP team. Each volume offers a 160-page campaign book (208 for the final volume, Empire in Ruins!) as well as a separate Companion book packed with extra content, new rules, NPCs, alternate challenges, and more. 

    Here we focused on where it all began with the Enemy in Shadows and below, Dave Allen looks back at Volume 2, Death on the Reik.

    Death on the Reik

    Death on the Reik is an adventure with a curiously telescopic potential. After the events of Enemy in Shadows the party could be at something of a loss for what to do, or they could be eager to pursue evidence pointing to a servant of Tzeentch at large in the Reikland.

    This means that the approach the players take to tackling the adventure does a great deal to set its tone. Death on the Reik could become a pell-mell race against time if the players are highly motivated to follow the trail of clues left before them. However it is most often experienced as a rather more gentle and leisurely tour of the massive environment it covers, at least until the knowledge that the players uncover reaches a critical mass and leads them to the finale.

    This is not to say that the early stages of Death on the Reik lack drama. Provided that a certain Character remains an active part of the adventuring party, the uncanny resemblance they bear to the late Herr Lieberung will start to become increasingly troublesome as his old acquaintances make their presence, and demands, known.

    The Enemy Within, and WFRP in general, is known for combining horror and humour, but Death on the Reik plays with more dark and downbeat notes than the opening chapters. An encounter with immiserated Dwarfs reveals the consequences of leaving one’s evil minions with too much time on their idle hands. Undead cannibals stalk forgotten corridors, the spirits of the dead warn of loss and betrayal, and a sadistic hidden menace makes its presence felt.

    But such encounters merely foreshadow the grand gothic horror of the adventure's finale, a noble estate twisted and poisoned through a corrupting legacy. In their own way each of the inhabitants are grotesque, though many of them may also be surprising sources of pathos.

    A wise GM approaches Death on the Reik expecting their players to wander and explore. Having a few suitable one-shot scenarios to throw into the mix can be handy, as can familiarising yourself with the river travel and trading rules in the Death on the Reik Companion. If your players chart a straightforward course, the adventure can proceed at a brisk clip, but like the wide Reik itself, there may well be some mudbanks and meanders to navigate.

    -Dave Allen

    Buy Death on the Reik here. The Companion is currently out of stock but can be bought in PDF here.

    Browse all Enemy Within titles here.

    Death on the Reik Companion

    Death on the Reik Companion includes:

    • Exclusive Guest Commentaries from James Wallis and Martin McKenna on their memories of the original Death on the Reik.
    • A GM’s Guide including: a complete breakdown of the Red Crown, one of the Empire’s most dangerous Tzeentch cults.
    • Additional adventure content, including: The Emperor Luitpold, a luxury barge with a bevy of secrets in its holds and staterooms, and ‘The Vengeance of The Gravelord’, part 1 of an adventure thread that can be woven throughout The Enemy Within.
    • A selection of new herbs from ‘Hortensia Puddlefoot’s General Concordance of Herbs’.
    • An examination of life on the Reik with details on settlements and trade.
    • A Bestiary of monsters that haunt the river, and a list of waterborne diseases.
    • A wide range of riverfolk NPCs with hints and tips for how to incorporate them.

    Death on the Reik Collector's Edition

  9. WFRP - 2 New PDF Releases!

    WFRP - 2 New PDF Releases!

    On the last Warhammer Wednesday before the Holidays we've got not 1 but 2 new PDF releases!

    WFRP Blood and Bramble

    Before ever Teclis pondered the notion of Human wizards, and long before Magnus the Pious laid the foundation for the Colleges of Magic, there was still magic in the land that would become the Empire. To the Witch Hunter it is all base witchery, and its practitioners worthy of little consideration and a good deal of kindling. Those who know a little better recognise that there are distinctions to be made. Witchcraft is the shortest path to power, be it ever so soaked in blood, while the Lore of Hedgecraft is more subtle, its many paths disappearing into the brambles at the edge of civilisation. Which sounds more appealing? Come closer, and learn for yourself...

  10. We Celebrate 35 Years of WFRP!

    We Celebrate 35 Years of WFRP!

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is 35 Years Old!

    Cubicle 7's Dom McDowall, Pádraig Murphy and Dave Allen celebrate 35 years of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in this video chat.

    Why not let us know how you plan to celebrate over on our Facebook or Twitter pages?