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  1. Cybermanday


    This ‘Cybermanday’ we asked David Chapman, producer and designer of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game, to share his thoughts on his favourite Cybermen stories. See if you agree with his choices! Read more...

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    The Alien Archive - More Than A Monster

    Depending upon where the characters are in time and space, meeting an alien can range from shocking to mundane. Discovering a Sontaran participating in the English Civil War is jarring; meeting an Ood aboard a 50th-century space station doesn’t usually raise an eyebrow. Read more...

  3. Doctor Who Roleplaying game book front cover displayed ontop of the Doctor Who Roleplaying game Collectors Edition book's front cover

    Doctor Who Second Edition - Traits Revised

    Previously, producer Dave Chapman discussed the changes we made to the Second Edition and outlined how it is still compatible with all previous supplements. Today, Cubicle 7’s talented Doctor Who writer Andy Peregrine explains more on Traits and why we removed them from the Second Edition. Read more...

  4. Doctors_and_Daleks_Alien_Archive

    The Alien Archive - From Axons to Zygons

    The Doctors and Daleks Alien Archive offers a glimpse into the many alien civilisations that the player characters may encounter during their journeys through time and space, or even as the aliens visit our own planet. Some may prove to be allies, others enemies, and some may depend upon when and where you encounter them. Read more... 

  5. Doctor Who: S13, The Flux - EP2. Picture Shows: Dan (JOHN BISHOP)

    Doctor Who: Meet Dan Lewis

    With the core rulebook for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition hitting the shelves, you’ll notice in the back of the book you can find the character sheets for the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham O’Brien, Yasmin Khan, and Ryan Sinclair. But what about the latest addition to Team TARDIS, Dan Lewis? Read more...

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    Doctors and Daleks — Keys of Scaravore Available Now!

    Doctors and Daleks: The Keys of Scaravore is available now! You can pre-order your copy here and receive the PDF straight away, or pick up the digital version here

    The Keys of Scaravore

    In the time before humanity, even before the rise of Gallifrey, Scaravore was imprisoned for its crimes. Last of a long dead species, it slumbered, sending its influence out into the stars. Now it seeks to rise again, to extend its evil dominion over the galaxy. 

    The Keys of Scaravore is a collection of four new connected adventures for Levels 1-5, that lead the characters to the Wild West and distant worlds, encountering Draconians, Silurians, Zygons, a

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  9. Doctor Who: Starter Set Out Now!

    Doctor Who: Starter Set Out Now!

    To say we are excited is an understatement! A while back we launched the pre-order and released the PDF for the new Second Edition of the award winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game and today we are delighted to release the Starter Set! You can now pre-order and receive the PDF straight away.

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