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  1. Cubicle 7 Black Friday 2022 Sale On Now! - Pick & Mix any 4 titles and get 25% off

    Black Friday RPG Pick & Mix Sale - Save 25%

    Welcome to our Grim-Dark Tabletop Roleplaying Games Sale! Choose any four of our bestselling Warhammer RPG books and get an amazing 25% off in our Pick & Mix Black Friday Sale. Find out more...

  2. Cubicle 7 Production Update

    November Production Update 2022

    Hey folks, today we’re sharing our production update for November. It’s a busy time as we head towards the end of the year, but we still have plenty of awesome stuff coming! As always, dates are subject to change. Read more...

  3. New Website FAQ

    New Website FAQ

    We have moved our webstore to a new platform! Our new store will solve the issues we have been experiencing with our old site and offer you a more user friendly experience. We really appreciate your patience over the next week or so as we move to this new platform! We have prepared an FAQ further below that will answer any questions you might have. Our customer support team is on hand to help if you have any issues with your orders. Read more...

  4. Cubicle 7 Shipping Update: September 2022

    Cubicle 7 Shipping Update: September 2022

    Hey folks. Today we’d like to share some insight into shipping times and why there may have been longer delays than usual with a number of pre-orders.

    Prior to the pandemic, our estimated time from PDF release to books being delivered to you and landing in stores was around 4 months. During the pandemic, a number of factories shutdown temporarily and ports were closed or were operating at reduced capacity. This led to significant delays as, once the ports opened again, everyone was trying to get their stuff moving as quickly as possible. This saw the gap from PDF launch to delivery stretch to upwards of a year.

    Things have improved over the last few months, but they have still not returned to the timescales we were used to pre-pandemic. Our current estimation for printing and shipping is now between 6 to 10 months, and we are always working to reduce this timescale. We expect this gap to decrease i

  5. Cubicle 7 Production Update: September 2022

    Cubicle 7 Production Update: September 2022

    Hey folks, my name is Emmet Byrne, I’m Creative Director at Cubicle 7 and today we’re sharing our current production update. It’s been a while since our last update, as we’ve been very busy at conventions and bringing on new members of the team (who we’ll introduce soon!) so apologies for the delay. Now, on with the update!

    Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game 

    • Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition - Standard & Collector’s Edition: Doctor Who 2nd Edition and its stunning TARDIS collector’s edition have now shipped to all pre-order customers and is in stores! You can pick up your copy here
  6. Instagram 1080x1080_Map Sale

    Warehouse Sale: 25% off Maps!

    25% off our marvellous maps! Never get lost again with our cache of cartographic wonders in this limited-time clearance sale.
    Due to the relocation of our Irish warehouse, we will be unable to supply maps for an unkown period of time, and some of them might well be gone for good, so check out our maps for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound.
  7. 5e_UJ_Social Media_Dragon Fully Funded

    Uncharted Journeys is Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

    You've done it! Uncharted Journeys for 5e has successfully funded on Kickstarter! But our journey is only just beginning!

    Cubicle 7 would like to thank everyone involved who helped our Uncharted Journeys 5e Kickstarter project reach its goal! We are delighted to be bringing this book and your possible journeys to life. If you still haven't backed, be sure to check out the Kickstarter here.

    What's Next?

    Now that Uncharted Journeys is a reality, lets see what additional content we can add to the book! We've already plans in place for additional content like character sheets as well as new exciting locations such as Haunted Lands, War Torn Lands, and Lands of the Fae to mention a few.

    We've alm

  8. 5e_UJ_Marketing_Ancient Ruins

    Uncharted Journeys - Ancient Ruins

    Uncharted Journeys will be coming soon to Kickstarter, bringing in-depth and elegant travel rules to 5e. We’ve already discussed the people you might meet along the way, so today we’re looking at the ancient ruins and forgotten sites you might come across on your journey.

    Uncharted Journeys will be launching on Kickstarter soon, so be sure to follow the project here to be notified when it launches.

    Ancient Ruins

    Ruins are relics of the past, long since abandoned by their cre

  9. Soulbound: Lost Artefacts of C7

    Soulbound: Lost Artefacts of C7

    Greetings mortals and monsters and welcome to another #MortalRealmsMonday. With the recent release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Artefacts of Power we are seeing a great flood of powerful arcane items washing through the community. Not only does the book come with oodles of premade artefacts to add to your adventures, incredible relics with fate altering properties, realmgates, Endless Spells and more, it also comes with a way to randomly generate unique artefacts for your groups.

    ‘Blooddrinker’ by Runsael Fly

  10. November Production Update

    November Production Update

    UK Order Delay Update: A pallet of our stock was delayed significantly by UK Customs due to some errors in their internal administration and it resulted in a delay in some titles (including Forsaken System Player’s Guide and Litanies of the Lost for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory) being sent. 

    The pallet has reached our trusted distributor in the UK, and orders are being dispatched as quickly as possible. We really appreciate your patience on this – the delay was out of our control and we are looking into it currently. Many of you will receive your orders by this weekend with the rest arriving early next week.

    Hey folks, my name is Emmet Byrne, I’m Creative Director at Cubicle 7. Today we’re doing our monthly production update. As always, until books hit wareh