Broken Weave

Broken Weave is a brand new tragic fantasy setting for 5th edition, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. The book includes everything you need to play, including rules for creating richly detailed characters, an in-depth guide to the Broken World and its people, and dozens of unique locations and terrifying monsters.

The Broken Weave Collector’s Edition is wrapped in luxurious faux-leather and coloured in deep black. The cover depicts the broken moon in embossed silver foil with the Broken Weave logo subtly debossed in deep black below. The pages are edged in silver, and a trio of bookmark ribbons to help you navigate this outstanding tome.

Gamemaster’s Screen

The Broken Weave Gamemaster’s Screen is an indispensable tool for running Broken Weave and depicts stunning artwork of the Broken World in all its twisted glory. The inside contains a wealth of vital reference material to make running your games easier, including the new Hope and Decay rules that are unique to Broken Weave. 

The Gamemaster’s Screen also includes The Titan’s March, a 28-page introductory adventure that features a desperate fight for survival as the players race to stop a titanic monster from destroying their home and killing the people they love.

The Deck of Broken Things

The Deck of Broken Things lets you take any 5e monster or location and add them to the Broken World! Apply  bizarre Decayed Transformations to turn any creatures into a nightmarish abomination ready to torment the people of the Broken World — add strange new abilities, inflict twisted mutations, and apply tragic curses to create countless monsters for your Broken Weave game! This deck of 52 cards is an invaluable tool for all 5th edition GMs.