vault 5e

  1. Kickstarter

    Crafting & Alchemy - Back now!

    Complete crafting rules for 5e! Forge magical weapons and armour, brew unique potions, and forage and hunt for the components you need! Our Crafting & Alchemy Kickstarter Campaign is live now!

    Two brand new 5th edition supplements to make your mark on the world from Cubicle 7! 

  2. Dalek Doctor Who

    Doctors and Daleks - A Galaxy of Villains

    We’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of the longest-running science fiction television show, Doctor Who, you can join the adventure when Doctors and Daleks hits the shelves, allowing you to experience all the action and excitement of the Doctor’s adventures in 5e.

  3. Dr Who product

    Doctors and Daleks - ‘Conflict’, not ‘Combat’

    Rather than leaping into a fight, the Doctor will always try to find a way out of coming to blows and avoid using weapons except in dire circumstances.

  4. Dr Who product

    What is ‘Doctors and Daleks’?

    This November sees a new incarnation of a classic roleplaying game when the wild adventures of everyone’s favourite Time Lord meld with the world’s most popular roleplaying game in Doctors and Daleks. 

  5. Uncharted Journeys Halloween

    Uncharted Journeys Halloween

    Are you planning a spooky adventure this Halloween? Maybe venturing into the mist-shrouded castle of an ancient vampire, or exploring a haunted village where unquiet spirits lurk? We’re here to help! 

  6. A Complete Life

    A Complete Life

    Thanks to the support of each and every backer, A Life Well Lived is fully funded! With an initial goal of €10,000, you’ve exceeded our expectations with a whopping  €86,969!

  7. Vault 5e: A life Well Lived

    Vault 5e: A life Well Lived

    A Life Well Lived is coming soon! Discover your hero's life before, during, and after their adventurers with new lifepath rules, campcraft, and endeavours for 5e!

  8. The Broken Weave Kickstarter is fully funded and complete!

    The Broken Weave Kickstarter is fully funded and complete!

    It’s hard to believe it, but after three intense weeks, the Broken Weave Kickstarter campaign is at an end. We went in with the goal of €10,000 and with your support we’ve managed to annihilate that and reach a staggering €180,068! Read more...

  9. The Last 24 Hours in the Broken World

    The Last 24 Hours in the Broken World

     Previously, we spoke about The First 24 hours in the Broken World. With the Broken Weave Kickstarter in its last 24 hours, we wanted to summarise some of the highlights and achievements of the campaign so far. Read more...

  10. Broken Weave Dev Diary 11: It Takes a Community

    Broken Weave Dev Diary 11: It Takes a Community

    It takes a lot of people a long time to create a world from scratch, especially one as surreal and strange as the Broken World. In our previous developer blogs, we’ve talked about how the artists developed the evocative visual style of Broken Weave. Now it’s the writer's and designers’ turn! Read more...


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