cubicle 7 news

  1. Kickstarter

    Crafting & Alchemy - Back now!

    Complete crafting rules for 5e! Forge magical weapons and armour, brew unique potions, and forage and hunt for the components you need! Our Crafting & Alchemy Kickstarter Campaign is live now!

    Two brand new 5th edition supplements to make your mark on the world from Cubicle 7! 

  2. Uncharted Journeys Halloween

    Uncharted Journeys Halloween

    Are you planning a spooky adventure this Halloween? Maybe venturing into the mist-shrouded castle of an ancient vampire, or exploring a haunted village where unquiet spirits lurk? We’re here to help! 

  3. A Complete Life

    A Complete Life

    Thanks to the support of each and every backer, A Life Well Lived is fully funded! With an initial goal of €10,000, you’ve exceeded our expectations with a whopping  €86,969!

  4. New Website FAQ

    New Website FAQ

    We have moved our webstore to a new platform! Our new store will solve the issues we have been experiencing with our old site and offer you a more user friendly experience. We really appreciate your patience over the next week or so as we move to this new platform! We have prepared an FAQ further below that will answer any questions you might have. Our customer support team is on hand to help if you have any issues with your orders. Read more...

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