Doctors and Daleks

  1. Doctors and Daleks - A Universe to Explore!

    Doctors and Daleks - A Universe to Explore!

    With the arrival of the Fourteenth Doctor eagerly awaited specials, celebrating the 60th Anniversary, now is a perfect time to bring the worlds of Doctor Who to your gaming table with Doctors and Daleks.

  2. Dalek Doctor Who

    Doctors and Daleks - A Galaxy of Villains

    We’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of the longest-running science fiction television show, Doctor Who, you can join the adventure when Doctors and Daleks hits the shelves, allowing you to experience all the action and excitement of the Doctor’s adventures in 5e.

  3. Dr Who product

    Doctors and Daleks - ‘Conflict’, not ‘Combat’

    Rather than leaping into a fight, the Doctor will always try to find a way out of coming to blows and avoid using weapons except in dire circumstances.

  4. David Tennant Doctor Who

    Sixty Years of… The Doctor

    Doctor Who is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this November, with over 800 episodes of time-travelling adventure. To join the celebration, we’re looking at some of our favourite moments from Doctor Who, starting with the Doctor.

  5. Dalek Doctor Who

    Sixty Years of… Daleks

    Here at Cubicle 7, we’re celebrating Sixty Years of the Doctor’s adventures in the longest-running science fiction TV series, Doctor Who. When anyone says ‘Doctor Who’, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Doctor’s most iconic enemies, the Daleks.

  6. Tardis Console Room

    Sixty Years of…Time Travel

    At the heart of all this travel is the TARDIS, which, like the Doctor, has changed over the last sixty years. From its humble beginnings with its sleek white console room and iconic roundels to the epic TARDIS of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors with its walkways, our most recent look was the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS with its crystalline structures.

  7. hiding behind the sofa

    Sixty Years of…Hiding behind the sofa

    When you mention Doctor Who to some, the first thing they think of is hiding behind the sofa. For some, it was the Daleks; for others, it was the Cybermen...

  8. Dr Who product

    What is ‘Doctors and Daleks’?

    This November sees a new incarnation of a classic roleplaying game when the wild adventures of everyone’s favourite Time Lord meld with the world’s most popular roleplaying game in Doctors and Daleks. 

  9. Doctors and Daleks Redesign

    Doctors and Daleks Redesign

    While we were busy perfecting the Alien Archive for the Doctors and Daleks line, the amazing Thirteenth Doctor regenerated into the Fourteenth Doctor! Along with the change of face and clothes, so too did the logo and the whole look of Doctor Who. Read more...

  10. Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive

    Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive

    Cubicle 7 is happy to announce the release of Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive, the third book in the 5e compatible Doctors and Daleks line. Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive offers a glimpse into the many strange alien species and civilisations. Read more...


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