Doctors and Daleks Redesign

While we were busy perfecting the Alien Archive for the Doctors and Daleks line, the amazing Thirteenth Doctor regenerated into the Fourteenth Doctor! Along with the change of face and clothes, so too did the logo and the whole look of Doctor Who. To keep up with the fantastic new appearance of both the Doctor and the logo, we have redesigned (or regenerated!) the covers for the Doctors and Daleks Player’s GuideKeys of Scaravore, and Alien Archive. We’ve also updated the colour scheme throughout the books to reflect this new era of Doctor Who

If you’ve already pre-ordered Doctors and Daleks, the PDFs have been updated. To get the latest version, login to your Cubicle 7 account or visit your downloads page on Drivethru RPG. 

Doctors and Daleks is available to preorder now and you’ll receive the PDFs immediately. The books are also available as a fantastic collector’s set featuring all three books and the Gamemaster’s Screen, in a stylish slipcase.

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