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Webstore Purchases

We offer a free PDF version with each purchase of a core rulebook which can be redeemed from Drivethrurpg. 

When you order a pre-order item, you are put on a waiting list to be one of the first customers to receive the product. After you purchase the pre-order, just sit back and relax, as the item will be shipped as soon as it lands in our warehouse. You don't need to do anything unless you have to update your delivery address; in such a case, contact us at [email protected]


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Yes, we offer retailer discounts; please email [email protected] with your business name and product inquiries. 

Due to a delay in migrating order data to our new website, a small number of customers may notice that some historical orders are not appearing on 'My Orders' tab. Our web team are working on the issue at present and hope to resolve it quickly. Please note that all historical orders are saved and pre-orders will be fulfilled upon release.

Contact us below if you would like to talk to our team directly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Unfortunately, you can't have an item that is on pre-order and an item that isn't on pre-order in the same basket. They must be ordered separately due to shipping constraints.

Unfortunately, you must create an account before ordering so your orders show in "My Orders" within your account.  (We are currently working on a solution for this.)

Delivery & Returns

If you wish to change your address for your order please email us at [email protected]. Our website is integrated with our warehouse, and orders are packed and dispatched as soon as possible after the order is placed. This means we must try to intercept your package before it leaves the warehouse. We cannot guarantee this will be successful, but we will try. This does not include pre-orders, as these have a longer shipping window.

Sometimes, items may take a while to arrive in certain parts of the world. If you opt for tracking delivery, you receive a tracking code to help you watch your item move from our warehouse to its destination. However, please give items up to 20 days to get to you without tracking. If you have paid for tracking but have not received it, email us, and we will get it.

Popular Game Questions

All you need is a copy of the core rulebook, whether a PDF or a physical copy. Starter Sets are also a great way to get started! Aside from that, you need your usual tabletop accessories, such as twenty-sided dice, six-sided dice, pencils, and character sheets (available in the Resources section on our website). 




You can find people worldwide to play with on Roll20 for a virtual tabletop experience. 

PDF & Foundry 

When you purchase a PDF, you will receive an email with a DrivethruRPG link to access and download your PDF; you will also be able to download it in the "My Downloads" section of your account. 

You will receive an email with a link to Foundy and your redemption code, which you will redeem in the "Purchased Content" section of your Foundy account. 

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