1. The Ruins of Karaznethil

    The Ruins of Karaznethil

    Welcome back, once more, to the Mortal Realms! Today, in anticipation of the next release for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, we’re here to give a quick preview of The Ruin of Karaznethil, a PDF precursor to the upcoming Ruins of the Past.

  2. The Laundry

    JUST LAUNCHED! - The Laundry Roleplaying Game

    The Laundry Roleplaying Game has just launched on Kickstarter! The Laundry Roleplaying Game is an exciting game of occult investigation, computational demonology, and ISO9001-certified and formalised spycraft. Based on the acclaimed The Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross, players take on the roles of operatives for Capital Laundry Services — Britain’s ‘extra-secret’ service.

  3. a-life-well-lived

    A Death Well Died

    Errata alert! After rigorous playtesting, we’re adding an extra step to the end of A Life Well Lived’s Lifepath system.

    The new A Death Well Died section allows you to roll on the Tragic Demise table to discover how your richly detailed character died before they ever had a chance to live a life of adventure!

  4. Egbert the Enchanter’s Eneggmatic Surprise

    Egbert the Enchanter’s Eneggmatic Surprise

    Happy Easter from us at Cubicle 7! Egbert the Eneggmatic Enchantor has created these surprising eggs and hidden them in your 5e games. 

    Check out the blog below to discover the whimsical effects of these mysterious magic items!

  5. Broken Weave

    Broken Weave - Available for pre-order now!

    Broken Weave is a brand new tragic fantasy setting for 5th edition, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. The book includes everything you need to play, including rules for creating richly detailed characters, an in-depth guide to the Broken World and its people, and dozens of unique locations and terrifying monsters.

  6. St Patrick’s Journey

    St Patrick’s Journey

    Once upon a time, in a mystical fantasy world called Ireland, the fearsome Fomorians threatened the peace of the island. Four brave adventurers, Lenny, Conaire, Mona, and Ulysses, sensed the danger and vowed to warn their hometowns of the Fomorians.

  7. International womens day

    The Women of Warhammer

    Hey folks, I’m Ceíre, Operations manager here at Cubicle 7, and all round huge Warhammer roleplaying game fan. For this International Women’s Day, I’d like to shine a light on some of my favourite women featured in Cubicle 7’s Warhammer roleplaying games.

  8. Warhammer fantasy roleplay

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Lustria out now!

    Begin your own explorations of the mysterious continent with Lustria, a 224-page sourcebook of this exotic land. Lustria is now available!  

  9. Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Maledictum coming to the Foundry!

    Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Maledictum coming to the Foundry!

    This week we’re delighted to announce the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Maledictum module for the excellent Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Warhammer 40,000: Imperium Maledictum will soon be joining Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, and Warhammer 40,000: Wrath and Glory.

  10. Wrath & Glory Starter Set

    Wrath & Glory Starter Set

    The Wrath & Glory Starter Set is the perfect way to begin your group’s exploration of the forsaken Gilead System. Across the system’s benighted worlds, skies are alight with the unnatural gleam of the Cicatrix Maledictum, and the horrors of the warp grow in power with every passing day. 

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