Complete crafting rules for 5e! Forge magical weapons and armour, brew unique potions, and forage and hunt for the components you need! Our Crafting & Alchemy Kickstarter Campaign is live now!

Two brand new 5th edition supplements to make your mark on the world from Cubicle 7! Forge legendary weapons and armour using Hammer & Anvil, and brew fantastical and deadly potions and poisons with Mortar & Pestle!

What's in the books?

There’s nothing like forging your own weapon to slay the monster plaguing your hometown, or meticulously brewing a powerful elixir to save the life of someone you love. You will feel like you’re designing and experimenting, using magic and ingenuity to create something truly unique. Hammer & Anvil and Mortar & Pestle give you the freedom to create anything you can imagine and bring it into your 5e games.

Hammer & Anvil will let you forge unique weapons and armour unlike anything the world has ever seen. Your great work may begin by forging a humble longsword but, with the right equipment and materials, you will be able to craft a legendary blade capable of cleaving reality in two and summon an ethereal being to serve by your side. 

Use Mortar & Pestle to brew countless poisons, potions, and elixirs — but first you need the right ingredients. Plant your own magical garden to grow the priceless herbs you need, o0r gather your party to hunt down terrifying monsters and harvest rare components.  

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