Warhammer fantasy roleplay

View of Skeggi from the Sea – art by JG O’Donoghue

Lustria lies far to the west of the Old World. Whilst no one knows who first discovered this mysterious continent, the first Old Worlder history recorded as stepping foot on Lustrian soil was the Bjornling explorer Losteriksson, who founded the settlement of Skeggi. This is the perfect place from which to set off on adventures into the interior of the Isthmus of Lustria, provided you can survive the lawless streets and tolerate the brutality of its Tzeentch-worshipping leaders.

This isolated hamlet may be the best place to begin your adventures into the interior Isthmus of Lustria, provided you can survive its lawless streets and the brutality of its Tzeentch-worshipping leaders. From here, you can set out and explore the mysterious continent with Lustria, a 224-page sourcebook which is available now to buy. 

But you will not be the first explorers to tread these overgrown paths. Over the many centuries, several forlorn castaways and marooned sailors have made landfall on the shores of Lustria, only to find that the mysterious continent is as deadly and unwelcoming as the cold, deep sea. To thrive there, one must be an adventurer of extraordinary resourcefulness and skill … or a monster.

Luthor Harkon is the undead ruler of a tract of swamp and jungle known as the Vampire Coast, for Harkon is himself one of the most potent blood drinkers in the world. Even with all the dark power undeath has afforded him, Lustria has left its mark on Luthor, causing him to descend into a bitter madness.

The Vampire Coast – art by Andreas von Cotta-Schønberg


Lustria is home to many fascinating creatures, such as the noxious Blot Toad with its insatiable appetite for the eggs of flying reptiles, the stinging Carrion Ant, whose venom is painful enough to kill a horse, the voracious Huntipede, deadly Borer Snake, parasitic Pallid Blindwyrm, and flesh-infesting Choking Spore Cloud. 

Any visitor to Lustira would be well advised to become familiar with these threats, for the poisonous plants, vicious animals, and deadly contagions of Lustria are responsible for as much death and mishap and the mysterious continent’s more notorious denizens, such as the tribes of Savage Orcs that haunt its coastlines, or the Lizardmen of its Temple Cities.

The Flora and Fauna of Lustria – art by Sam Manley


Prepare yourself for a visit to the mysterious continent lest it leave its mark on you. Lustria, a 224-page sourcebook from Cubicle 7, is available to buy and contains all the information you will need to survive a journey to this verdant and perilous land.