St Patrick’s Journey

Once upon a time, in a mystical fantasy world called Ireland, the fearsome Fomorians threatened the peace of the island. Four brave adventurers, Lenny, Conaire, Mona, and Ulysses, sensed the danger and vowed to warn their hometowns of the Fomorians.

Each hailing from a different corner of the country, they travelled around the island of Ireland on a legendary Uncharted Journey to warn the population and bolster resistance, recording their adventures on a Journey Chronicle.


First, the party is split into four Roles, each of which is important to ensure a successful journey. 

Lenny took the position of Leader, a Role that aids their fellow party members in pushing past harrowing obstacles, keeping spirits high on the road, and resolving tense interactions with other travellers. Lenny thought to Prepare a Feast before the journey began. On their last night before setting off, he served a hearty soup with dark rye bread. Mead was shared, stories were swapped, and the party enjoyed what would be their last night of comfort for some time.

Conaire became the party’s Outrider. He was responsible for watching for signs of nearby movement, assessing any threats based on perceived evidence, and spotting other travellers along the road before they noticed the party. Conaire sought to Seek Advice from weary travellers who had taken the road the party was about to travel. He learned that the route ahead was clear, but wolves were seen prowling on the edges of the forests. While on the journey, Conaire would keep his eyes peeled for the danger. 

Mona leapt at the chance to be the Quartermaster for this journey. The Quartermaster ensures the party are well-fed, well-equipped, and well-prepared for the road ahead. Mona used druidic magic to Study the Weather, predicting how difficult their travels would be. She concludes that the party should bring clothing to protect against the rain on the journey ahead. 

Finally, Ulysses was quietly pleased to be the party’s Sentry, acting as a lookout on the road. He would cover the party’s trail and be vigilant for pursuit and ambushes. Consulting all the maps at his disposal, he attempted to Chart a Course that would get the party to their destination safer and faster.

The Journey


With all their preparations complete, the party began their journey around Ireland.


Setting off in the northern province of Ulster, the party navigated through great Forests, meeting rangers and druids amongst the ancient trees. Mona searched for A Place to Rest as a strong gale shook the leaves on the canopy above. When she befriended a tiny fae, the creature shrunk the party down to the size of an ant, allowing them to camp out in the hollow of a tree stump until the storm passed.

After reaching Ulysses’ village, they warned his friends and family about the Fomorian threat before setting off on their important journey once more.


Venturing southwards, the party passed more favourable terrain in the Farmlands of Leinster. During one sunny day, the party encountered a Bump in the Road – a huge murder of crows blocking the only way forward. Ruled by a sapient scarecrow, the self-proclaimed king of the field, Conaire expertly navigated this encounter with the noble, securing their passage through the scarecrow’s land.

Reaching Leinster’s largest town, Lenny was glad to be back in his childhood neighbourhood before the Fomorians and alerted the guards to the oncoming threat. Now more at ease, the party continued their journey around Ireland.


The party crossed the hills and Mountains of Munster, climbing sunlit peaks into misted, rain-sodden valleys. As the wet weather soaked into their bones, the party happened upon A Chance Encounter with a sodden noble who sat by a flickering campfire. They shared an evening by the fire, where Lenny impressed the noble by reciting the great deeds of his fellow adventurers. The noble shared with them his desire to seek aid from the King of Munster as the Fomorian attacks in Connacht grew ever more threatening. 

The town ruled by the King of Munster was Mona’s home, too, and her past acts of heroism garnered favour with the King. The party was gifted magical shields to aid their quest against the Fomorians. 


Approaching the storm-blasted Coasts of Connacht, the party watched with wary eyes for the Fomorian threat. Thick sheets of rain and howling winds cut visibility and made the road all the more dangerous. Purging all distractions from his mind, Ulysses attempted to Focus and could hear fragments of the Fomorian war cries between the roars of thunder. 

A Deadly Fight ensued between the heroes and the Fomorians, who had pushed past the defences of Conaire’s seaside town. As lightning crackled and buildings burned, the party’s enchanted shields deflected the Fomorian spears, allowing the four brave Irish heroes to gain the upper hand. The battle was a narrow victory for the party, driving off the Fomorian threat… for now.

A Chronicled Journey

Lenny, Conaire, Mona, and Ulysses detailed their epic journey, keeping the story of their adventure around Ireland alive for years to come.

With Uncharted Journeys, you too could bring your party on unforgettable adventures across 16 environments ranging from humble farmlands to the pits of hell. With almost 2,000 unique encounters, each journey is sure to be unforgettable!

The Journey Chronicle is an excellent way for you and your party to remember your adventures, the friends you’ve met along the way, and the places you’ve been!



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