Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure

It’s a big year for Doctor Who as the series reaches its sixtieth anniversary this November! We are delighted to announce that Cubicle 7 will mark the occasion with the release of TWO roleplaying game books celebrating the Doctor’s adventures! 

Journey back to where it all began sixty years ago as the mysterious Doctor whisked away two unsuspecting school teachers in the TARDIS, travelling to distant planets, the far future, and Earth’s past. Experience the thrills as the Doctor battled dangerous Daleks, fearsome Cybermen, and countless alien invaders. These books relive the fantastic adventures of our favourite Time Lord and their trusted companions. These two volumes offer a wealth of information for Gamemasters, players, and fans, to celebrate the anniversary of the world’s longest-running science fiction television series. 

In addition, each Doctor has a new adventure that mysteriously interweaves to create an epic multi-Doctor experience that spans millennia. 

Book One looks at the First Doctor to the Eighth Doctor, while Book Two looks at the War Doctor, through to the reveal of the Fugitive Doctor and beyond.

Preorders for the two volumes of Doctor Who: Sixty Years of Adventure will be live very soon. Stay tuned for more information as it comes!

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