Date Posted: 15-07-2020



We hope you are enjoying WFRP Death on the Reik The Enemy Within Vol 2 PDF, the feedback so far has been amazing! Today, we have an update on upcoming releases from WFRP producer Pádraig Murphy. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our errata document, it’s really useful to get feedback on our games. We have received some specific feedback from the community concerning the difficulty of some encounters towards the end of the adventure, which we are addressing. We will keep you posted on the changes. If you were concerned that your party might make it through Death on the Reik a little too easily, worry not. Just remember, you asked for it!

The next part of The Enemy Within campaign, Power Behind the Throne, is progressing well and looks excellent. We plan to release some rather special pieces of art in the next few weeks via our Dev Diaries for those who pre-ordered the Collector’s editions and via our blog and social media so everyone can get a taste of what’s to come! While there’s been some impressive artwork from many artists, JG O’Donoghue has created some spectacular environmental pieces that really bring the setting to life.

Our next release is Double Trouble, the second adventure for Ubersreik Adventures II, written by the very talented Dara McDara. While I don’t want to give anything away, I can tell you that I really enjoyed running this entertaining and amusing adventure. In my opinion, it’s worth the price of entry for the map alone, illustrated by C7’s very talented Dániel Kovacs. The adventure sees the return of some familiar NPCs, illustrated by in-house artist Sam Manley, and provides a chance for enterprising Characters to ingratiate themselves with an influential Ubersreik family. That kind of currency can be more valuable than gold, and those wielding enough of it will stand to play a part in the eventual fate of the town.

The Death on the Reik Companion has gone for layout this week. It contains a substantial amount of extra content. I’m excited about the trading rules, in particular. As ever, we have a huge selection of NPCs to enrich your storytelling, and a few interesting optional rules. If you’ve ever wanted to mount a Volley Gun on your barge… just be sure to have a cover story ready for any passing, justifiably concerned River Wardens.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf has just returned from our editorial team, which is very exciting. Dave Allen has done an excellent job distilling the best of the Middenheim content released over the years. It’s shaping up to be an outstanding city guide, I know many of you are very eager to get your hands on it. While the sourcebook won’t be required to run any part of The Enemy Within Campaign that may involve Middenheim, it provides additional content that will allow you to spend as long as you like in Ulric’s chosen city. The book also includes rules for creating Middenheimer characters, in case you’d like to kick off a whole new adventure far outside the familiar, if perilous, province of The Reikland. A new career, suitable for only the most devoted followers of the God of War, Winter and Wolves is also included.

That’s it for now! Thanks again for your input on Death on the Reik — WFRP has some of the most dedicated fans of any setting, we really appreciate your feedback, especially as it feeds into our goal of making WFRP the best game it can possibly be. I will leave you with the note that, while there is currently a rather spectacular comet visible in the night sky, it appears to have only a single tail. While 2020 continues to be an interesting year, I am taking that as a portent that we are not yet in the End Times!

Browse all WFRP titles on our webstore here and keep an eye on our blog and social media platforms for more updates on the Death on the Reik Companion soon! It is available to advance pre-order here now, with the PDF following as soon as it’s ready!

— Pádraig Murphy, Cubicle 7’s WFRP Producer

Enemy in Shadows Updated Files

Today we also updated the Enemy in Shadows PDF files with some tweaks and fixes:

  • Suggestion added to start the campaign in late Jahdrung (Spring.)
  • Incorrect page references updated
  • A partially missing paragraph on page 19 has been restored
  • References to ‘Magical Sense’ updated to ‘Second Sight’
  • Various stat block inconsistencies addressed
  • Various formatting problems addressed

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