1. C7D20 - Writers Wanted!

    C7D20 - Writers Wanted!

    WRITERS WANTED! We’re looking for writers for a wide variety of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons and C7d20 projects, including Broken Weave, Victoriana, and some brand new unannounced projects!


  2. Victoriana Update

    Victoriana Update

    We are delighted to announce that the new edition of Victoriana will use our upcoming C7d20 system. Rewrites to our draft are underway and Victoriana will be coming to Kickstarter in Q4 2023. Read more...

  3. C7d20: Our Design Goals

    C7d20: Our Design Goals

    A few weeks back we announced our brand new fantasy roleplaying system, codenamed C7d20. We don’t have a name for the system yet, but we do have some news! Read more...

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