Announcing The Laundry Files 2nd Edition

TOP Secret SUBJECT: [CLASSIFIED] REPORTING AGENT: [REDACTED] FAO [REDACTED], Investigations by [REDACTED] into the recent security breach show that a number of high level files have been copied from our server. Further investigations reveal that an entity known as “Cubicle 7 Games” received the files, and are engaged in a secret project codenamed “LF2E”. We believe LF2E to be some form of shared psychic delusion to simulate the events building up to CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN and other classified operations. Evidence suggests that LF2E will run on a new operating system (codenamed C7D6) that utilises a cubic matrix chaos array for problem solving and resolution. [REDACTED] has managed to secure a copy of the early proposal document for the project, which I have copied below: The Laundry Roleplaying Game: Second Edition is an exciting game of occult investigation, computational demonology, and ISO9001-certified and formalised spycraft. Based on the acclaimed The Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross, players will take on the roles of operatives for Capital Laundry Services — Britain’s ‘extra-secret’ service. They must deal with cultists, computers, and the threat of extra-dimensional terrors that can turn your brain to alphabetti-spaghetti, all while trying to adhere to strict procedures and deal with interdepartmental conflict. It's certainly not the most glamorous, or well-paid job, but Laundry operatives are a vital line of defence against the Lovecraftian nightmares beyond our world. The Laundry Roleplaying Game: Second Edition builds on the success and popularity of the first edition of The Laundry Roleplaying Game, and upgrades it with new full-colour artwork, a new game system, and new ways to experience the universe of The Laundry. This is not the first time we have encountered Cubicle 7 Games. You may remember that some years ago they published highly sensitive material with uncharitable accounts of how we worked in the guise of one of these “roleplaying games”. We believe personnel at Cubicle 7 Games are close to completing work on this new version, though security is high and I have not managed to gain access to any other information, save for the image below. Documents are warded, so I was unable to move or handle the files from the desk without my hair catching fire. I will continue surveillance and update you with any additional information I can gather, and have assigned [REDACTED] to investigate the source of the leak. My next update will advise whether we should eliminate Cubicle 7 Games entirely, or subcontract them as a means of disinformation. I have filed Variance Form R70 to log abnormal working hours, and hope that this extra effort will reflect well in my Personal Efficiency Assessment in Q3. Operative [REDACTED]