C7d20: Our Design Goals

C7d20: Our Design Goals

Hey folks,

We hope everyone is keeping well. A few weeks back we announced our brand new fantasy roleplaying system, codenamed C7d20. We don’t have a name for the system yet, but we do have some news!

Guiding Principles

We are building C7d20 to be a complete rule set that offers all the exciting action-packed adventures players expect from a d20 fantasy game, with added focus on exploration, investigation and the quiet moments between adventures. Below are some of our guiding principles.

  • Freedom: Create a standalone d20 based fantasy roleplaying system.
  • New and Old: A modern take on classic fantasy.
  • Familiarity: A system and world that feels familiar.
  • Evolution: Growing from the bones of 5e — C7d20 is an evolution, not a clone.  Keeping basic building blocks like Class, Species, and rolling a d20, but creating a more elegant gaming experience. 
  • Compatibility: C7d20 will be compatible with 5e, and a conversion guide will support fans and allow them to use their 5e content with C7d20.

What’s Coming

C7d20 will launch later this year with two core rulebooks: the Player’s Guide, and the Gamemaster’s Guide.

The C7d20 Players Guide will provide the core rules for playing the game and making characters, including six brand new Classes, eight Species, Lifepath character creation, the core rules for playing the game, Talents, Equipment, dozens of new spells, and a collection of downtime activities. 

The C7d20 Gamemaster’s Guide will offer GMs a suite of new rules modules that they can plug into their game, such as journey rules, options for non-violent conflict, rules for playing games of political intrigue, gritty survival rules, and much more. The aim of the Gamemaster’s Guide is to give the GM plug-and-play rules options they can use as the basis for a whole campaign, or as the need arises during adventures.

As well as these two corebooks, we are already well into development on three more supplements. These books, along with Uncharted Journeys and Broken Weave, mean that C7d20 will launch with a total of 7 books (fitting for the C7d20 system!).

We Want Your Help

Help us create a fantastic gaming experience! We’ll be sharing surveys, quizzes, and other ways to share your ideas for C7D20. Your input will help us steer the books and guide our development.

We are already underway with internal playtesting, and plan to offer a closed playtest in the coming months, with a view to releasing a wider playtest closer to launch. If you would like to be involved in the C7d20 Playtest, please email [email protected] for more information. 

If you are a writer, artist, editor, or graphic designer and you’re interested in working on C7d20, send an email with your CV to [email protected], and include “C7d20” in the subject line.

Stay Up to Date

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