Broken Weave, 5e, and Announcing C7d20

Today we are thrilled to share more of our plans for Broken Weave and our future 5e compatible content.

Broken Weave — our  brand new post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy setting —  will launch on Kickstarter on the 8th of February, and will be compatible with 5e and C7d20, our new d20 system

You heard it here first! C7d20, our brand new system, is in development. Building on the great d20 games we know and love, our system will offer all the exciting action-packed adventures players expect from a d20 fantasy game, as well as the broader styles of gaming that we’ve brought to 5e in Doctors and Daleks, Adventures in Middle-earth, and Uncharted Journeys.

C7d20 will be a complete rule set that is compatible with 5e — you’ll be able to use all of your favourite 5e books and supplements, including Uncharted Journeys and Broken Weave. A core rulebook for C7d20 will launch later this year and you’ll be able to see hints of what is to come when Broken Weave launches. We’re involved in discussions about open licensing and will have more news on this as the situation develops.

We know that this is the beginning of something truly special and the hundreds of people who have registered interest in the campaign clearly agree! You can follow the Broken Weave Kickstarter here 

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