Wrath & Glory: Fast, Faithful & Furious

Recently we launched the pre-order and released the PDF for Church of Steel. Church of Steel contains rules for more than 80 vehicles from the diverse Factions of the 41st Millennium, and narrative-focused rules for running them in your games! Today we’re sharing more on this title. Nothing in the Imperium of Man is small. … Continue reading “Wrath & Glory: Fast, Faithful & Furious”

February Production Update

Hey folks, my name is Emmet Byrne, I’m Creative Director at Cubicle 7 and today we’re doing our monthly production update to give you an overview of where in the production process all of the titles for your favourite games are. We will also have a post for each line in the coming weeks to … Continue reading “February Production Update”

Coming Soon – Church of Steel for Wrath & Glory

A few weeks ago we shared the cover for Church of Steel and today we’re sharing more info on what you can expect to see in this upcoming release! Vehicular mayhem in the 41st Millennium Unveil the mysteries of the Machine Spirit and unleash the massive power of machines of war with Church of Steel, … Continue reading “Coming Soon – Church of Steel for Wrath & Glory”

Happy Holidays & Recap of 2021!

Customer Service Over the Holidays We’d like to wish you a peaceful holiday and thank you for your continued support in 2021. Our customer service team will be taking a short break over the Holidays and responses to emails and social media queries may be slower in the days around December 25th, but we will … Continue reading “Happy Holidays & Recap of 2021!”