Date Posted: 23-07-2022

Cubicle 7 at GenCon 2022

GenCon 2022 is right around the corner, and Cubicle 7 is delighted to be returning for the best four days in gaming! This year’s event runs from Thursday the 4th to Sunday the 7th of August and our team is excited to share some of the books we’ve been working on — it’s been over two years so there’s a lot to see!

Find Us at Booth 2121

Come and say hi and chat to the team at booth 2121. Ask questions, browse the lovely books, try out our VTTs, and share epic and funny stories of your games — it’s been over two years, we’ve missed you! You can download the PDF map of the hall here, or browse the fancy interactive map here

Over the coming week, we’ll be taking a look at what’s new this year for each of our lines and what books we’ll have for the show. So keep an eye out so you can plan what goodies you’re going to pick up!


On Friday at 11:00 and Saturday at 4:00PM, Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall and Creative Director Emmet Byrne are giving a seminar on What’s New at Cubicle 7. They’ll be discussing what we’ve got planned for the next few years, and there will be a Q&A so you can ask all those burning questions (you might even get some answers!) 

Tickets are free, so reserve yours for Friday or Saturday, or simply show up before the event and nab a seat!

It’s Good to be Back

We can’t wait to see everyone this year at GenCon — it’s been far too long! We’ll be sharing pictures, videos, and news from the show, and we’ll have a video seminar for those who can’t make it but are keen to hear what we have planned.

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