We are delighted to announce the Departmento Munitorum: Shotguns PDF is out now!
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This PDF is the perfect addition to any Wrath & Glory game, offering a multitude of new weapons for players with the Imperium keywords, useful to both Agents or GMs seeking new methods to unleash the Emperors wrath on their foes in the fight for the Gilead System. 

As a multitude of threats extend their malignant tendrils across the beleaguered Gilead System, the last bulwark of humanity stands in determined defiance, for in the grim dark future there is only war. 

In these increasingly dark and uncertain times many of the Emperor’s faithful turn to their most trusted and inviolable instruments of faith. While the mighty Astartes and the honourable Sisters Sororitas bring their fury to the Imperium’s many foes by means of the mighty Bolter or with cleansing, sacred flame, the ordinary Imperial citizen must turn to the more readily available weaponry in their defence of the Gilead System. 

From the Data-Archives of Arc Logis Byn XVII, Monitor Malevolus of the great forge world of Avachrus, comes Departmento Munitorum: Shotguns. A comprehensive and detailed guide to the plethora of Shotgun variants and ammunition types for this most ancient weapon, found across the Gilead System. This pdf contains:

  • An introduction from Arch Logis Byn XVII of Avachrus.
  • New Shotguns unique to the Gilead System, including the devastating Avachrus “Gravefiller”  and the esoteric Enochian Sanctified Shotgun! 
  • New Ammunition types, some carefully loaded with powder, shot, and prayer by the trembling hand of decrepit priests, others hastily stamped out by vast manufactoums to satisfy Gilead’s endless hunger for lethal ordinance.

From the commonly used Mk V pattern shotgun found throughout the Varonius Flotilla, to the deadly Netherian Penetrators used in the darkened service shafts that permeate the great domed cities, in the austere silence of long abandoned Hulks to the frenzied disorder of boarding actions, the humble Shotgun excels in bringing the fury of humanity to the Imperiums enemies.