Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Corsairs of Captain Flariel

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When clouds cover the moon, and the sea fog rolls in, the Dark Elves strike from their sleek vessels. Cloaked corsairs swing onto enemy ships or slink into remote coastal villages, the air ringing with cruel laughter and the sound of slaughter. They seek plunder or captives, bound for a life of misery in frozen Naggaroth.


The Corsairs of Captain Flariel is one of a series of supplements detailing bands of antagonists for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It provides information on Dark Elf Corsairs and suggestions for encounters and plot hooks. It also includes a profile for a Dark Elf ravenship, compatible with the rules in Sea of Claws. An introduction to the malign practices of Dark Magic is also provided.


This supplement also provides a profile for Dark Elves in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and a set of creature templates for ship-bound raiders — these combine with the Bestiary in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Rulebook to create NPC norscan sailors, Bretonnian buccaneers, Goblin pirates, or other types of seaborne reaver. 


There are profiles for four important Characters from the Raptor’s Talon. There are tensions between Flariel’s Reavers… underlying conflicts which could erupt into rebellion if inventive Characters tip the scales. 

  • Captain Flariel is a swashbuckling thrill-seeker, who lives for the excitement and unpredictability of adventure.
  • The sorceress Rakaria seeks ancient Elf artefacts to improve her standing in the treacherous city of Ghrond.
  • Corvian Sabeth, a cruel overseer and master of vicious dogs.
  • Cynwra, foremost among a band of wretched captives who plot an uprising … though without help, they are doomed.


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