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WFRP: The Hahnbrandt Militia Sample
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The Reikland may be considered a civilised land, a Grand Province of the Empire and home of its capital, Altdorf. However, much of the land is a dangerous territory, a wilderness of hilly moorland and trackless forest. The province must be defended from enemies within and without.

Her people are ready to form such a defence. Hahnbrandt is one of the province’s more productive mining towns. Its militia is a mostly professional force, employed by Graf von Wallenstein to guard the town and shipments of ore. The Hahnbrandt militia patrols around the town, offering the miners some protection from the innumerable dangers of the neighbouring Hägercrybs.

This supplement provides GMs of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay with templates and profiles needed to create the types of soldiers that might be found garrisoning settlements throughout the Empire, or making up the ranks of the nation’s armies. As well as templates for Halberdiers, Scouts, Captains, and other sorts of soldiers, the supplement provides particular detail on four of the officers responsible for the Hanhnbrandt Militia.

  • Captain Hilde Proell — an old soldier who takes her responsibilities seriously, the loyal eyes and ears of the graf and a careful commander of his forces.
  • Captain Alaric Marks — a nobleman with the common touch, Marks is beloved by his troops, but more for his habit of ensuring they spend their time carousing rather than undertaking tedious drills.
  • Captain Gisels Tarendorf — the officer in charge of Hahnbrandt’s Scouts, professional and respectful, but a follower of Ranald with subversive tendencies.
  • Sergeant Arnolf Freer — a talented halberdier and ringleader of a gang of blackguard seeking to prey upon those they are paid to protect.

Encounters with the militia are detailed, providing GMs with ideas on how a meeting with the defenders of the Empire’s far-flung communities may not always be straightforward, and could potentially lead a band of unwary Characters into the murky worlds of criminality … or politics.

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