Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Warband of Bayl Many Eyes

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WFRP: The Warband of Bayl Many Eyes Sample
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‘Pillaging bands of Chaos Warriors pose a constant and terrible threat to those living closest to the frozen north. Whilst all these reavers are to be feared, the warriors of Chaos who devote themselves to the Plague God Nurgle are particularly loathsome, for they are not satisfied to merely ravage and kill , but delight in spreading blight and disease in the name of their pestilent deity.’

The Warband of Bayl of Many Eyes is a 18 page PDF which continues a series describing various tribes, warbands, and groups of roving troublemakers.

  • In world perspective- Olde Weirde’s Incunabulum provides an example of how learned people in the Old World think about worshippers of Nurgle. Olde Weirde is an eccentric academic whose views may be considered rather too liberal by the authorities; but he does provide an example of the sort of knowledge available to Characters interested in researching the subject.
  • Templates for adding variety to Chaos Warriors - Along with game information for personalities from the warband, you’ll also find templates for Chosen and Forsaken Chaos Warriors, Exalted Heroes, Chaos Lords and Chaos Sorcerers. These can be used to advance the Chaos Warrior profile found in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook.
  • An example band of Chaos Warriors - We also provide a guide to Bayl’s warband, a particular group of Chaos Warriors devoted to Nurgle who are on a mysterious quest, the implications of which even their leader fails to understand. Ideas for how their mission might result in adventures and encounters are provided, as well as four example members of the warband made using the templates.

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