What’s Coming Up for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

What’s Coming Up for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay?

Cubicle 7 has plans in place to produce a great selection of supplements for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay over the next year, and whilst some of these projects are yet to begin development, we have three currently in the works that should be available over the next few months.

Nearing completion is our hotly anticipated guide to the land and inhabitants of the continent of Lustria. This massive 224 page sourcebook goes into fine detail about the perils faced by those who are lured to this mysterious and exotic land. Wealth and renown can be found by those who adventure to the new world, but it is an unforgiving and perilous place. Only the most resourceful and good-fortuned visitors have any hope of returning to their home shores.

Lustria is home to the Lizardmen civilization, and whilst it is a shadow of its former might, it is still more than capable of defending itself from intruders. Lustria provides everything a GM needs to know about the three species of Lizardmen, Skinks, Saurus and Kroxigor, their Slann masters, and many of the strange (and invariably deadly) creatures they share their habitat with. Many temple-cities and sites are described, with a close examination of the temple-city of Tlaxtlan. 

Crotaz’l the Saurus is numbered among the many formidable warriors who guard the temple-city of Xlanhuapec – art by Sam Manley

There are other civilizations that have managed (at no small cost) to carve out a lair on the coasts or in the jungle. The book takes a detailed look at the haunted shores of the Vampire Coast, the Norse settlement of Skeggi, the High Elf fortress and harbour at the Citadel of Dusk, and the Clan Pestilens presence in the ruins of the defiled temple-city of Quetza.

Arch-Grand Commodore Luthor Harkon rules his kingdom of the undead on Lustria’s Vampire Coast (or he does when he’s in the right mood, at least) – art by Ken Duquet

In addition to this there is a guide to adventuring in Lustria, including four new careers and an endeavours system focusing on establishing and managing a (no doubt forlorn) settlement, several new diseases with which to plague players, options for playing a Skink, dozens of adventure ideas, and several astonishingly powerful NPCs to act as patrons, nemeses, or both.

The Interpreter is one of four new Careers described in the book – art by Alessandro Boer

Ubersreik Adventures III is next in line after that. The book revisits the city and explains the changes that are afoot because of the events of the Enemy Within Campaign. Previously published adventures, An Eye for an Eye, the Horror of Hugeldal, and Mirror of Desire, are given a fresh new look and updated rules so that they can be used with the current edition for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Ideas on combining these standalone adventures into a short campaign are provided alongside a comprehensive timeline of the events unfolding in and around Ubersreik with additional plot hooks and potential adventures. Additionally, an entirely new scenario intended to be played after An Eye for Eye, involves recent power shifts and a monstrous threat to the sleepy hamlet of Geissbach.

We are also putting together a guide to playing Characters from the Rogues and Rangers classes. Deft Steps, Light Fingers will cover subject matter including the cult of Ranald, how to set up a gang of ne’er do wells, ideas for carrying out con jobs and forgeries, gamekeeping and poaching, expanded rules for wilderness travel, the cult of Taal, and a rogues gallery of famed bounty hunters, outlaws, crooks, and gamblers to provide inspiration, employment, or rivalry.