Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Ulfenkarn’s Bestiary

Today we’re thrilled to share another sneak preview of our upcoming supplement for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, the hotly anticipated Ulfenkarn: City at the Edge of Death. This time we’re taking a look at ‘Denizens of Darkness,’ Ulfenkarn’s Bestiary, in which we’ve collected each and every beast from the Cursed City board game! All have been given the award-winning Soulbound treatment, including some creatures featured in Cursed City that didn’t get as much attention. ‘Denizens of Darkness’ includes the full range of iconic villains, hordes of undead henchmen, several varieties of Bat, and even the tiniest of Gnawbone Strays.

‘Watch Captain Halgrim’ "by Siman Vlaisavljević"

watch, to pledge his fealty to Radukar on the night of his Coup. His men had a window of opportunity to take revenge, and they were successful before the Necroquake returned the Captain to life once more. Now he commands the city’s Ulfenwatch from the Vharngate, a fortress that marks one of the inner city’s entryways. 

In a fight, under Ulfenkarn’s Grim and Perilous ruleset, Halgrim is a deadly foe, but more so with a unit of Ulfenwatch at his command. On his turn in combat, he can order a number of Ulfenwatch to make additional actions equal to the city’s current Doom! Because of this, it might be better for a party to face him alone, likely requiring a measure of subterfuge and planning to do so. Like Halgrim, each of the book’s iconic villains has a full spread dedicated to them alone, encompassing their history, advice for the GM to roleplay them in an adventure, and a boss-sized stat block packed with deadly skills and attacks. 

‘Korsargi Nightguard’ "by Siman Vlaisavljević"

The Korsargi Nightguard are a band of undead Ogor warriors, such powerhouses that a number of them act as Radukar’s personal bodyguards. Mechanically, they can Defend Radukar as a free action, but their most deadly feature is their undead resilience. Each Nightguard has an Armour value equal to the city’s Doom, meaning they become more of a nuisance the deeper into your adventure you get! But all is not lost! Brave adventurers who survive long enough can hack away at these monstrous creatures, with every attack, regardless of the damage dealt, lowering their Armour by 1. 

Depending on a party’s experience, members of the Korsargi Nightguard can make great mini-bosses early in their adventure, and become a horde to be reckoned with later. Many of the Cursed City’s rogues gallery have traits or attack bonuses that play off the city’s themes; like counting Doom, or inflicting Fear, and all of them are built with the Grim and Perilous ruleset in mind.

But that’s all we can share with you today. We’ll have more to share as we get ever closer to Ulfenkarn’s release. In the meantime, if you’d like a taste of the Grim and Perilous ruleset, and test your party against a sampling of Ulfenkarn’s monsters, look no further than Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, Vossheim’s Holdouts – a fantastic one-shot Soulbound adventure set as a prologue to the events and state of the City at the Edge of Death.