Broken Weave Dev Diary 5: The Seeker

Welcome back to our ongoing series of developer diaries for Broken Weave, the post-apocalyptic tragic fantasy setting for 5th edition. Today, we start to take a look at some of the character classes you will get to play as during your adventures in the Broken World — starting with the Seeker.

Broken Weave comes to Kickstarter in early February, so don’t forget to head to the Kickstarter page and sign up to be notified when it launches! 

As you can tell from the name, all character classes in Broken Weave have a clearly defined role within a party, and by extension, the world.

The Seeker is a navigator and guide — someone who has walked the shifting landscapes of the Broken World and come home more times than most.

‘The Seeker is a living trinket, absolutely covered in them. He has a giant Memoria in each design. Since the Seeker travels a lot, I thought it would be interesting to have a piece of clothing which is a giant map or star-map, which helps him remember where some of the dangers or dear memories are. It helps other people to identify this character as a seeker. I took strong inspirations from celtic and viking culture for bothe the clothing and trinkets.’

— Clara-Marie Morin, Broken Weave Artist

Memoria, mentioned by Clara-Marie above, are important trinkets that travellers in the Broken World carry on their person. Since Decay eats at memory, carrying Memoria helps to reinforce important memories for characters — such as the location of their home, details of loved ones, or important experiences. We’ll talk more about Memoria in a later dev blog, but needless to say they are an important thematic and mechanical part of Broken Weave, so you can expect to see all of our characters carrying plenty of them.

“I wanted to explore various trinkets and generic memoria ideas. The focus is on what people can still craft by themselves in a post-apocalyptic medieval world. This time I chose to draw upon the fantastical creatures of the wilds. I like the idea that their true shape will be left to the imagination, because the only record players have of them are sculptures.”

— Clara-Marie Morin, Broken Weave Artist

But the Seeker isn’t alone in their journeys. They can be accompanied by various domesticated creatures on their adventures. Each one is as strange as befits the Broken World, and this Seeker has chosen to domesticate a Fidelida. 

Fidelida resemble giant black and white moths which are great for scouting, and also come with a unique trait — the markings on their wings shift in response to the feelings of those around them, displaying an uncanny mirror of their thoughts and feelings. A very useful skill when determining if a stranger met in the wilds is friend or foe.

And with the Seeker, their equipment, and their companion fully fleshed out, the concept stage is complete. The final step is producing a clean turn-around for the artists to use when making posed pieces for the book. This final stage, fully rendered a Seeker in all their glory, will be revealed when the campaign goes live!

Join us in our next dev blog, where we’ll show off the Warden — the staunch protector of the party.

Broken Weave comes to Kickstarter in early February, so don’t forget to head to the Kickstarter page and sign up to be notified when it launches!