Image featuring "Antler City", a desert settlement in Broken Weave

A roleplaying game of dark and tragic fantasy, using 5e rules.

The Weave of magic is shattered and the gods are dead. 

Centuries ago, a magical apocalypse rocked the world. It changed the fundamental natures of people, places, and time itself. Physical and spiritual Decay still unravels reality by inches, and only the stubborn hope and resolve of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings can stand against it. 

The past is gone and forgotten. What little remains is dark and deadly: shifting, twisted ruins, magical artifacts alive with whispering entropy, and once-noble creatures reduced to haunted shells. The cadavers of dead gods rot on the landscape, and in every haven and sanctuary survivors balance their needs against a thousand dangers. 

The world has nursed its grief long enough. It’s time to move on. To rediscover the lands that are lost and Decayed, reclaim history, put down corrupted monsters, and build new life amongst the ashes of the Once Before. 

Magic is corrupted and too dangerous to use, life is short, and there’s nothing waiting afterwards. Only your legacy matters. You will explore, create, and forge connections between isolated groups of survivors while fighting against titanic corrupted monsters. Your group must work to stabilise the world against the corrosive, entropic effects of Decay. Your characters can’t save this fallen world, but they can leave it a little less dark than they found it. 

While Decay is ever-present, and there are monsters aplenty, there are few outright villains in the Broken World, just other survivors doing what they must to live on their own terms. Your goal is not to fight evil, but to survive and create something that will outlive you: a new haven, a map that turns a region from mutable wilderness into a stable area, or a set of stories that give structure and form to history and time. 

As well as an entirely new setting and character options, The Broken Weave will feature extensive rules for exploration and travel, as well as building, developing and maintaining settlements and communities. 

Broken Weave is a tragic fantasy setting, where hope and community are the only path to creating something new. Broken Weave is coming in 2023, and will follow the release of Victoriana another original setting from Cubicle 7. We will share more news over the coming months for both Victoriana and Broken Weave, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss out.