‘There’s a horror movie called “Alien”? That’s really offensive!’ - The Twelfth Doctor

Ever since humans realised those little pinpricks of light in the night sky were stars similar to their sun, they’ve wondered whether they were alone in the Universe or if even just one of those stars supported alien life. Some dreamt about the day that humanity might build a rocket ship and meet some of those alien civilisations. Ironically, there was never a need to wait — the aliens were already here.

The Doctors and Daleks Alien Archive offers a glimpse into the many alien civilisations that the player characters may encounter during their journeys through time and space, or even as the aliens visit our own planet. Some may prove to be allies, others enemies, and some may depend upon when and where you encounter them.

The Alien Archive provides dozens of entries, detailing some of the Doctor’s most recognisable adversaries and aliens they have encountered. A literal A-to-Z, from Axons to Zygons, providing not only the full 5e compatible stats for use in your Doctors and Daleks game, but also a look at each species’ motivations and tactics, as well as how to incorporate them into your adventures, and how to thwart their plans should they wish us harm. 

The Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive is coming soon and will be available as a PDF or hardcover, or as part of the Doctors and Daleks Collectors Edition which also includes the Player’s Guide, Keys of Scaravore campaign, and Gamemaster’s Screen

We’ll look at some of the entries in the Alien Archive in more detail over the coming weeks. 

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