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Vehicular mayhem in the 41st Millennium

Unveil the mysteries of the Machine Spirit and unleash the massive power of machines of war with Church of Steel, a comprehensive guide to vehicles in Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory. Within this weighty tome are rules for more than 80 vehicles from the diverse Species and Factions of the 41st Millennium, as well as narrative-focused rules for running them in your games.

Take to the Mechanicus workshop to customise your engines of destruction with a panoply of weapons and upgrades, including detailed explanations of Machine Spirits and rules for interacting with them. Build a unique history for your venerable vehicle and travel the harsh wastes of the Gilead System with story-building travel rules.

Church of Steel includes:

  • A detailed exploration of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the Machine Cult in the Gilead System as well as the reverence other factions have for their vehicles.
  • Rules for customising a vehicle’s appearance and quirks and building a rich history of its exploits.
  • Information on the nature of Machine Spirits in the Imperial vehicles as well as how xenos species view their vehicles.Guidance for incorporating travel into your games, from interplanetary voyages to treks across planetary wasteland and slogs across massive hive cities.
  • Rules for vehicle actions, interactions, and complications in and out of combat.
  • Customisation options for upgrading vehicle performance, adding new wargear, and installing weapons.
  • Stats for dozens of vehicles from tanks, to troop carriers, to personal flyers, including a section on Necron vehicles and the mysterious living metal necrodermis.
  • Rules fo vehicular weaponry and wargear, including massive battle cannons, deadly melee weapons, and powerful means of protection. 

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