Date Posted: 26-01-2022

WFRP Winds of Magic – Upcoming Release

Coming soon from Cubicle 7, Winds of Magic is a sourcebook dedicated to helping players and GMs add even more depth and detail to their Wizards and Witches. Containing a veritable grimoire of new spells, new sorcerous allies and enemies, new approaches to ritual, the creation of magical servants, and more.

Check out the art reveals and more below and keep your eyes on our social media channels and website for more news of this upcoming sourcebook.

Four Wielders of Arcane Might

Each Blackpowder Week Nuln booms and it shakes

Lady in grave tower disdains the quakes

She has arcane secrets to understand

Purple hue of death acts at her command

Even Morr’s cold hand she seems to withstand

The colleges call — she’s not respondent

High Patriarch growing most despondent

Portrait by Sam Manley

Enchanter without pity or scruple

Great Mutator’s preeminent pupil

Rose from the ranks of the acolyte choir

Institute’s top office — sought to rise higher

Making a break, monster he unhitches

Made school in the wastes — a tutor to witches

Portrait by Sam Manley

Bewildered on how spells manufactured?

Legend proclaims that Tzeentch was once fractured

Unassembled to myriad bits

Each portion then sundered by further splits

Scattered and hidden and then misaligned

Came each part to inhabit a mage’s mind

Residing there as a charm or a curse

If that sounds bad then arose something worse

Blue Horrors, twin daemons, were then produced

Equipped with flying mount and then induced

Searching for parts to be reintroduced

Art by Sam Manley

Men slew her clan and they toppled her fort

Only by trick of fate was she not caught

Now sole fugitive she still has one brag

All of the land she will make sucking quag

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