Date Posted: 17-07-2019

WFRP: The Mad Men of Gotheim PDF


Today we are delighted to announce the release of Ubersreik Adventures: The Mad Men of Gotheim PDF. This title is now available to buy on DrivethruRPG for $4.99!

Welcome to the second of our ongoing series of scenarios set in the Duchy of Ubersreik, the primary setting of the WFRP Starter Set

The village of Gotheim is a smouldering ruin. The surviving villagers are wild-eyed and confused, seemingly incapable of understanding what has befallen them. Some have lost their minds completely, gripped by a horrifying lunacy that apparently has no cure. Can the Characters uncover the terrible cause behind The Mad Men of Gotheim before time runs out?

Ubersreik Adventures: The Mad Men of Gotheim includes:

  • A 16-page adventure by Dave Allen, detailing the village of Gotheim and the horrors that have befallen it.
  • A new Creature Trait, Maddening Aura, to add to your games of WFRP.
  • A map of Gotheim and an exhaustive list of all its remaining inhabitants, providing a short sandbox adventure for your Characters to navigate.

Ubersreik Adventures: The Mad Men of Gotheim can be used as a one-shot adventure or easily slotted into any existing WFRP campaign that involves road or river travel.

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