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The Empire — is there a greater nation in all the Old World? From the Sea of Claws in the north to the Border Princes to the south, the Empire covers a vast swath of territory. Mighty rivers and muddy roads weave their way through looming forests and rolling hills. Each of the Grand Provinces has its own character, from the Reikland’s refined citizens to Sylvania’s cursed nobility. Though beset with internal strife, the provinces still consent to be ruled by a chosen Emperor. The Empire has seen off external threats from Orcs, Bretonnians, and the madness that roils forth from the Chaos Wastes, but how much longer will it stand against the Enemy Within?

The Empire Map Pack includes two versions of the map, with and without place names, perfect for tailoring for your group. Also included are individual files of the arms and heraldry on the map, ideal for creating your own player handouts.

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