Date Posted: 03-12-2019

WFRP – Meet our new Producer Pádraig!


We recently introduced you (briefly!) to Pádraig Murphy, Cubicle 7’s new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay producer. Today, we wanted to share a little more about Pádraig as part of our Meet the Team series. Pádraig, who hails from Galway in the west of Ireland, is a wargaming and boardgaming fan, but RPGs are his real passion — Warhammer, in particular (surprise, surprise!). With many, many years working in the publishing and print industry, extensive project management and graphic design experience, we are delighted to have Pádraig join our passionate team in County Meath, Ireland. 

I’m delighted to have joined the C7 team. Jumping straight into a project as exciting as the Enemy Within campaign is a real plus! The tremendous response and positive feedback from the community has been a real boon in finalising the print version of Enemy in Shadows. I look forward to getting more feedback on the Enemy in Shadows Companion, which was released in PDF last week. 

As you may be aware, we have lots planned for WFRP — up next is the WFRP Gamemaster’s Screen and its in-depth 32-page guide written by the talented writers, T.S. Luikart and Ben Scerri. It’s packed with exactly the kind of advice I wish I’d had when starting out as a GM. I’m a particular fan of the advice on how and when to kill a player character — something I admittedly can be too lenient about. The screen itself is a solid four-panel beast, covered with just about everything you might need to look up in a hurry mid-game. The comprehensive guide also includes advice on how to kick off a campaign with a bang, and loads of tips for running the best WFRP games possible. The artwork is also very impressive!  Work continues on Death on the Reik, and many more titles that I can’t mention just yet!

I’ve been involved with Roleplaying games since I was 14; playing out of a dinghy scavenged room after hours in school. My very first game? A copy of WFRP first edition, the pages so read and reread that it had to be punched and rebound in a school binder. In the very first session I wanted some Skaven to attack the party at an inn — instead one of the Characters murdered the bartender. There was a life-lesson to this that I absorbed quickly. Not surprisingly a high proportion of my bartenders have been retired military ever since. Needless to say, I have very fond memories of the game. I was blown away by Cubicle 7’s release of WFRP fourth edition — it’s not often that reality lives up to nostalgia, but Dominic and the team absolutely delivered. 

Imagine my enthusiasm when the chance to work on WFRP came up! I’ve worked on print and design at just about every level: everything from flyers to international magazines, so when the opportunity arose to combine my love of RPG with my industry background, I couldn’t resist. I am really delighted to have joined the team. I look forward to working closely with Dominic McDowall, Graeme Davis and all the team!

Pádraig Murphy, WFRP producer

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