Date Posted: 10-02-2021

WFRP: Latest News from Ubersreik!

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Today we have another intriguing blog post from WFRP Developer Dave Allen.

Latest News from Ubersreik: Geheimnisnacht Approaches

‘Marktag 31st Vorgehim – Mostly gibbous with half-moon periods, a dim lustre of dull olive, low value, barely discernible within the ambit of Mummit.

Backertag 31st Vorgehiem – Absent most of the night then only just discernible between the hours of 4:00 and 5:00, skimming the horizon to the north. Lambent greenish glow.

Bezahltag 32nd Vorgeheim – A slender partial curve hanging high and distant by the Drummer. A pale off-white near-green, much reminiscent of a slice of barely-ripened Grubentreich.

Geheimnisnacht – Full, green, up all night.

Konistag 1st Nachgeheim – Absent until 3:30, then manifestly gibbous, yellow-green, and looking distinctly skull-like until fading at dawn.‘

– From Dagmar von Wittgenstein’s selenography notes, 2509 IC

To linger under the light of the full moon is said to invite madness and mutation. The presence of the sickly-green full moon and the mystical powers it invokes has long served as a fascination to all folk across the Empire from the simpleminded to the cynical sceptics. Though most differ on many opinions, as Geheimnisnacht approaches all but the wild, insane and sinister, run for shelter, bolting their doors against the eerie light. The months of Vorgeheim and Vorhexen are tense times for the Empire’s people. Folk fear to be called from their homes under the waxing moon, they pray to the gods to see them safe through the dark and dismal nights when Morrslieb shines brightest. But in the dark places of the world Beastmen, Cultists of the Ruinous Powers, and other sinister creatures are said to gather and celebrate.

The  Chaos Moon’s unpredictable movements defy most rational analysis. Even dedicated astronomy scholars such as Dagmar von Wittgenstein, or learned Wizards of the Celestial order such as Niklas Schulmann, have not been able to produce coherent systems explaining dreaded Morrslieb’s appearance and trajectory.

However, every year there are two nights, Geheimnisnacht and Hexensnacht, where it looms large without fail, casting a spooky glow across the Old World, when all right thinking folk fear to venture from the doorways of their hovels. 

In Ubersreik, the build up to Geheimnisnacht has been particularly tense this year. A spate of killings has occurred in the city, and all manner of conspiracies are being peddled to account for the unsolved crimes. No sooner does such a tragedy occur than agitators spring up, trying to twist the facts to suit their own agendas, pushing their accounts in lurid, overpriced pamphlets. These venal fellows like to portray themselves as fearless patriots, and dress up their scapegoating and scaremongering as bravely telling truths others are too timid to venture. 

‘’Onest Ottokar Johanson’ – Character Portrait by Álvaro Jiménez Hernández

Yet, it is undeniable that something sinister is afoot. As no one else is providing the answers that an increasingly nervous populace are clamouring for, what are superstitious folk to do? The killers, whomever they may be, seem to target victims from amongst Ubersreik’s holy orders. As Geheimnisnacht grows closer, the killings are becoming more frequent. The city’s priests demand justice for their brothers and sisters, whilst preaching to all to remain vigilant for the merest trace of Chaos flourishing under Morrslieb’s light.

‘Ingwer and Blixa’ – art by Álvaro Jiménez Hernández

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