Date Posted: 22-04-2020

WFRP: Castle Drachenfels 1st ED PDF Scan

This product is a scan of Castle Drachenfels from first edition WFRP.

We have had numerous requests for this title and so have scanned and book-marked it for those who would like to use Castle Drachenfels in their campaigns! Buy now here.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition – Castle Drachenfels

Deep within the Grey Mountains, almost hidden amongst the jagged peaks, lurks the dark imposing castle of the Great Enchanter Drachenfels. Even though its master is now dead, his terrible presence scoured from the conscious mind and only mentioned in fireside tales, the mute stone walls of the castle still seem to stir with dark and malicious purpose.

Many brave Adventurers have entered the castle’s forbidding walls in search of treasure and glory, or to satisfy their morbid curiosities. Few have ever returned. Those that have tell of strange forces and long dead creatures prowling the slimy corridors, guarding the bowels of their master’s domain from unwelcome intrusion. Now you stand awestruck at the gaping maw that is the castle’s entrance. Now you must enter, and test your mettle against the dangers within ….

Castle Drachenfels is a 112 page Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventure for experienced adventurers based on the locations and characters from the
Warhammer novel ‘Drachenfels’ by Jack Yeovil. In addition to a history of Constant Drachenfels and his castle, this book also contains detailed notes on adventuring in the dank, dark corridors of Castle Drachenfels, a selection of adventure outlines and plots, a party of pregenerated characters, new monsters, and new spells and magic items.

Packed with dark and mysterious locations to explore and rich treasures to reap, Castle Drachenfels opens up a whole new world to anyone who plays
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Dare you enter the castle gates and see what lies beyond…

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