Date Posted: 28-01-2021

WFRP Archives of the Empire – Updated Files

We have now updated the PDF files for recent Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay release Archives of the Empire.

If you have already pre-ordered Archives of the Empire or bought the PDF you will be alerted to update your files.

Or you can pre-order the physical copy here and receive the latest PDF files straight away!

Alternatively, you can purchase just the PDF on our web store here or on DrivthruRPG here.

Archives has been updated with the following notes:

  • Various Typographical errors have been corrected.
  • Additional Descriptions for new weapons have been added for those who wanted to know just what Nan’s Cleaver was in the first place.
  • The Drakefire Pistols were previously loaded with the wrong mix of powder – their damage has been increased.
  • We were previously misled by the boasts of a one eyed Slayer – the Slayer’s Axe now has the Penetrating and Impact qualities.
  • Damaging has been removed.
  • An index has been added.
  • New Careers have had some adjustments to how they are rolled, and their Class has been made clear.
  • Ghost Striders have had the non existent Talent Perception removed, and have become more adept at Shadowing their prey.

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