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Patrons of the Old World I

Steeped in subterfuge, machinations and kingdom building, stepping into the Old World is no task for the fainthearted — even with an esteemed mentor to guide you across the Reikland’s rough terrain — there’s no guarantee that some might lead you down a dark alley. Amidst the daily struggle for survival, some remarkable, resilient, and deeply ambitious individuals rise above quotidian concerns to reach for something great. Passionate diplomats, insightful investigators and renowned performers — all strive for far more than mere survival. These powerful and charismatic patrons just need a bit of assistance to achieve it. Full of incredible knowledge and useful information, these patrons might prove invaluable to your party, but in a grim and perilous world, just who can you trust?

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Patrons of the Old World details four unique NPCs, each with their own string of plot hooks and an ultimate goal for Characters to aid — or hinder — them in achieving.  Though tied to specific locations in the Old World, each may be dropped into an ongoing campaign anywhere in the Empire. Each NPC makes an excellent patron for a group of adventurers, providing several hooks to inspire GMs in creating a series of linked adventures that conclude in the finale with a lasting impact on the Characters’ lives — if not the Empire at large.

Patrons of the Old World  includes:

    • Scealleah ‘Shelley’ Thorncobble: A cunning investigator desperate to shout from the rooftops the most insidious taboo of the Empire — that a species of loathsome ratmen gnaws at the very roots of the Old World. Shelley would have the attention of the great and the powerful, but has she already drawn less welcome interest?

    • Farforian Whiteshore: The longest serving Elf diplomat to the Empire, some say that Farforian has grown bored of diplomacy. He sends any Asur who happens by on often sensitive diplomatic errands in his stead, often to mixed result. But Farforian is subtle, and there are hidden depths to the Elf’s machinations — and to Farforian himself.

    • Nayadaryn ‘Bonemonger’ Frostweald:Orphaned and set adrift in the world, the Eonir Nayadaryn Forstweald seeks to recover the pilfered ancient relics of Elves. In doing so, Nayadaryn has taken on the moniker of The Bonemonger, and with it built a criminal empire to rival any in the Old World.

    • Guttra Morbinssniz: A talented actress and enthusiastic bon vivant, one tryst too many saw Guttra spill blood that was all too real. To escape the ire of her enemies Guttra fell in with one Jaan van de Kuypers, purportedly the richest man in the Old World. Guttra chafes beneath the yoke of servitude, and in pursuit of her freedom she may set all of Marienburg alight.

The Empire is a nation mired in political connivings, injustice, warfare and want — with layers upon layers of resentment and an in-depth knowledge of the Old World, these powerful patrons will liven up any WFRP adventure. Patrons of the Old World is an excellent and entertaining addition to your gaming table. Packed with NPCs and exciting adventure hooks, this supplement will kickstart your next adventure in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

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