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Before ever Teclis pondered the notion of Human wizards, and long before Magnus the Pious laid the foundation for the Colleges of Magic, there was still magic in the land that would become the Empire. To the Witch Hunter it is all base witchery, and its practitioners worthy of little consideration and a good deal of kindling. Those who know a little better recognise that there are distinctions to be made. Witchcraft is the shortest path to power, be it ever so soaked in blood, while the Lore of Hedgecraft is more subtle, its many paths disappearing into the brambles at the edge of civilisation. Which sounds more appealing? Come closer, and learn for yourself... Blood and Bramble is a collection of 24 new spells, a dozen each from the lores of Witchcraft and Hedgecraft. These spells expand the offering found in the core book substantially, and greatly expand the capabilities of non-college practitioners. This PDF also includes each spell as a printable spell card, so you can easily add them to the magic already found in the WFRP rulebook. For the GM who wishes to make use of these new spells a pair of NPCs are also provided. Old Mar of Diesdorf is a Hedgewitch who, when she forgets herself, claims to have see Magnus the Pious in the flesh. Her counterpart is The Elsewise Witch of Gubtenreich, a sheep farmer who found more coin in whispered spells than shorn ewes. Both come with a detailed stat block, intriguing plot hooks, and a knowledge of arcane lore that could prove useful or deadly, depending on how they are approached. Blood and Bramble is the perfect addition to any player Witch or Hedgewitch’s arsenal, but can also be of use to GMs in creating NPC adversaries with unexpected magical abilities.  

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