Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, Nemesis - Wretches of the Writ ⤓

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“Only when the fury of war finally subsides and the billow of black smoke and ash clears to reveal the smouldering wastes of Gilead, then… only then… will I cut your strings” 

Wretches of the Writ is a standalone PDF release that expands upon the Chaos Lord Maloquence and his vile presence within the Gilead System. Featuring detailed background information on the Dark Apostle and his dark retinue Wretches of the Writ introduces several new Chaos NPC’s and Plot Hooks that can easily be incorporated into your existing Wrath & Glory campaigns or work as standalone adventures for both Chaos and Imperial aligned players.

Learn of the Dark Apostle Maloquences’ dark plans for the future of the system and how he intends to accomplish them. Explore several new locations within the Gilead Sector touched by the corrupting influence of Chaos.
Wretches of the Writ features several new adventure ideas aimed at a variety of tiers presented alongside;

  • 5 Traitorous NPC’s to unleash on the Gilead System 
  • 10 intriguing new plot hooks to integrate into your games 
  • A unique appearance by a well known Daemon of Tzeentch

Wretches of the Writ
is the perfect way to introduce the corrupting tendrils of Chaos into your Wrath & Glory games, for even in the distant, isolated reaches of the Gilead System, the Galaxy MUST burn!

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