Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Horned Rat Player Journal

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This Journal will be shipping alongside the Enemy Within Volume 4: The Horned Rat.

Attention: Calling all skilful sleuths! Urgent: Investigators needed to piece together and uncover the intent of those who would see Middenhiem brought low.

Middenheim may be the jewel of the North, but beneath the crowded cobbled street lies labyrinthine tunnels filled with intriguing mysteries, deadly threats, and worse. The Komission of Inquiry into Threats Unknown to Middenheim tasks its skilled agents with complex investigations. With meticulous note-taking and shrewd observations, many mysteries can be solved, and dangers and threats confronted and averted.

The Investigators Journal is the perfect accompaniment for players making their way through The Horned Rat. It contains Character Sheets, space for notes, dotted pages for diagrams and maps, and an unmarked map of the City of Middenheim for players to annotate with whatever hints and clues they can glean from the city’s depths.

The Investigators Journal is exquisitely designed and printed, casebound with a black faux leather finish anda foiled and debossed cover print. It includes full colour end papers, including a player safe map of Middenheim, 128 pages with a mixture of Character Sheets and notepaper for character background, equipment, and notes on the investigation.

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