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Striking  Scenarios for WFRP

Six Striking  Scenarios to add to The Enemy Within

There’s never a dull moment in WFRP, with that in mind, we’ve decided to keep you on your toes with more drama, schemes, intrigue and hilarious escapades.

The Enemy Within Campaign contains many ingredients that create a punch: Chaos, conspiracies, cults, cruises, criminals, cannons, classism, culture, creatures, coaches and coin, you get the picture! There are many, many, elements to leave you reeling, before we get into more letters. So, if you’re looking for additional excitement and extra complications to challenge your party, you’ve come to the right place. So grab your grey-gold garadine, your three-feathered cap, your clarity of thought and your adventurous spirit, and let’s get going. But before we do, we just need to knock into the Coach and Horses Inn for a swift one. 

Now that Empire in Ruins is available, GMs will have all they need to run The Enemy Within Campaign

**Please note that this article contains several spoilers for the campaign.**

Whilst The Enemy Within is epic in its scope, you can make it even more complex, interesting, and enduring by punctuating its progress with additional scenarios. Each of the Companion books (including the soon to be released Empire in Ruins Companion includes a number of entertaining scenarios that suit inclusion with the respective part of the main campaign.

Tried-and-Tested Scenarios

There is an extensive range of diverting scenarios available in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplements, or to be downloaded from the Cubicle 7 webstore. We’ve selected six tried-and-tested striking scenarios that could make great additions to the campaign without overshadowing the main themes.

The campaign touches on many fascinating and familiar themes, from rags to riches, the classic theme of the quest and voyage and return, not forgetting overcoming the monster, or in this case, the Skaven. The Enemy Within benefits from telling a general rags to riches story, while highlighting the more serious tone of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (but with some light relief in order to prevent the grim and gritty content becoming too oppressive), and a growing sense that the Empire is being torn apart by the designs of secretive followers of Chaos. A few scenarios may also help with some of the practical challenges the campaign presents to GMs, and help Players establish motives for the next part of the journey.

Before the Beginning: Night of Blood

The Enemy Within benefits from an underlining rags to riches theme. The party starts as desperate folk who want to join an adventure. They struggle to be taken seriously when they begin to discover the rot beneath the (albeit already rather mouldy) surface of the Empire. They end up as its glorious saviours, but the beginning ought to be hard work.

A brilliant place to start the campaign is with the party reading the handout advertising Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck’s adventurous job offer, but being a couple of days east of the Coach and Horses Inn, travelling on foot.

The next perilous scenario Night of Blood sets the scene and tone of the campaign aptly. The adversaries in the scenario have similarities with the main villains of the campaign, but are also separate and self-contained.

The scenario should also help out the Players by providing them with a little loot. If they are going to book bed and board, gamble, and plan coach trips in the opening scene of Enemy in Shadows, they will appreciate that extra cash. As an added benefit, the events of Night of Blood ought to convince them of the wisdom of getting a coach and arriving in Altdorf as soon as possible.

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Messing about on the River 1: Something Knocking

Death on the Reik is perfect for adding in memorable scenarios. The Players will be travelling up and down the Reik and will have plenty of opportunity to get into scrapes and side-quests.

There is a limitation in that any scenario ought to begin and end on a boat. After all, if they don’t have control over a suitable vessel, they can’t participate in the adventure as written.

Something Knocking is a spooky and atmospheric scenario that begins and ends on the river, and would be a perfect short diversion from the wider events of the campaign.

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Messing about on the River 2: A Rough Night at the Three Feathers

Of course Death on the Reik presents a fair few opportunities to stop off at an inn. Rough Night at the Three Feathers is considered by many to be the best Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay scenario, and it would be a shame not to include it in a run-through of The Enemy Within.

It is reprinted as part of Rough Nights & Hard Days that  features several other scenarios besides. These are linked in a short campaign that  also happens to occur alongside the Reik. Whilst themes of this campaign could distract from The Enemy Within, it may be worth thinking about how to include a version of the sensational A Night at the Opera, at the very least, as this could be used to introduce the Characters to Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, who has a role to play in Empire in Ruins.

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City Dwellers: Grey Mountain Gold

Middenheim is the setting for Power Behind the Throne, and whilst the Characters may be there to take in the delights of the carnival, pursue a fugitive worshipper of Slaanesh, deliver a parcel, or chase rumours of a cult headquarters, they might still be distracted by the opportunity to make some easy money whilst soaking up the carnival atmosphere.

Grey Mountain Gold is set in Ubersreik, but with a little work it could be transported north to the City of the White Wolf. Within the Middle Mountains there are several lost Dwarf holds (indeed, the Characters will have to locate one in The Horned Rat), and within Middenheim there is a rather aggrieved Dwarf community. So with a little thought, Grey Mountain Gold could become ‘Middle Mountain Gold’ and serve as a way to keep the Characters busy (and learn just how much the Dwarfs would like to see the taxes revoked) before commencing Power Behind the Throne.

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A Pox Upon It All: Slaughter in Spittlefield

During the opening episodes of The Horned Rat, Middenheim is gripped by an outbreak of the Itching Pox. Whilst it is another adventure set in Ubersreik, Slaughter in Spittlefield (one of six adventures included in Ubersreik Adventures) deals with events surrounding an outbreak of disease and an attempt to quarantine it. With a little rework, it could be relocated to one of Middenheim’s dangerous districts, such as Ostwald or Altquartier. Perhaps the malady that grips the boarding house in the scenario could result from Skaven activity, and lead to one of the underground sites described in The Horned Rat. Alternatively, the scenario could be played straight and act as a red herring to be eliminated during the Characters’ investigations.

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A Hamlet in Ruins: The Mad Men of Gotheim

Generally speaking, overt Chaos is less of a theme in The Enemy Within than subtle creeping corruption (unless your Players foul up in Bögenhafen, of course). However, by the time of Empire in Ruins things have gotten so bad that a large Creature of Chaos devastating a rural backwater may be entirely in keeping. By this point in the campaign, the Characters should be powerful enough to face such a beast and prevail.

The Mad Men of Gotheim (one of six adventures included in Ubersreik Adventures)) could be set during any of the travel sections in Empire in Ruins. Perhaps Gotheim could be relocated between Altdorf and Castle Reikguard, or near to the beleaguered villages preyed on by the Threshers, or along the Old Dwarf Road between Averheim and Grenzstadt.

These are just some of the many amazing scenarios WFRP has to offer, we forgot to mention that you’ll also find: castles, crypts, comets, clanrats, crowns, colleges… Please feel free to search through or ‘have a shifty at’ our website and see if something else sparks your interest.

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