Date Posted: 20-12-2021

Soulbound: Lost Artefacts of C7

Greetings mortals and monsters and welcome to another #MortalRealmsMonday. With the recent release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Artefacts of Power we are seeing a great flood of powerful arcane items washing through the community. Not only does the book come with oodles of premade artefacts to add to your adventures, incredible relics with fate altering properties, realmgates, Endless Spells and more, it also comes with a way to randomly generate unique artefacts for your groups.

‘Blooddrinker’ by Runsael Flynn

Lost Artefacts

These are called Lost Artefacts. By simply rolling on a series of branching tables, you can generate one of some 30,000+ artefacts in a matter of minutes. These come in all manner of forms, with incredible and strange powers, origins, and eccentricities. Once you have the mechanical part of your Lost Artefact, all you need to do is give it some history and drop it into your world for your players to find.

We love Lost Artefacts so much that we thought we would round up some of the writers on Artefacts of Power and get them to randomly generate a Lost Artefact for themselves, and come up with a story for them to share as an example of what finished Lost Artefacts look like.

So without further ado, let’s see what the fates had in store for our writers.

Michael Duxbury

For my Lost Artefact I rolled…

Artefact Form: Whip

Artefact Origins: Collegiate Arcane

Artefact Properties: Deceptive

Artefact Eccentricities: Possessive

The lost artefact I discovered takes the form of a jewelled bracelet, but as with many creations of the Collegiate Arcane, its appearance is deceptive. With a twist of the jewel, a darting whip of living light shoots forth from the bracelet, to arm its bearer in melee. But the artefact’s protectiveness verges on obsession, and the bearer may find attaching the bracelet a far easier prospect than removing it…

Since most Battlemages avoid close combat where possible, I reasoned a battlemage must have created the ‘Burnished Band’ in self-defence, before undertaking a journey where they expected to be physically accosted. I imagined a Hyshian mage of the Whitefire Court in Hallowheart, preparing to join a Dawnbringer Crusade, pouring their magic into the artefact as a weapon of last resort. But the Great Parch is plagued by the Blades of Khorne, and their warbands are incensed by the hated scent of magic. Perhaps this is why the Battlemage abandoned their creation, in desperate hope of escaping the pursuing Bloodbound hordes. Perhaps this is why the Burnished Band has become so possessive: on some vaguely sentient level, it dreads the prospect of being abandoned yet again.

Elaine Lithgow

For my Lost Artefact I rolled…

Artefact Form: Religious Icon

Artefact Origins: Daughters of Khaine

Artefact Properties: Incorruptible 

Artefact Eccentricities: Unstable

The artefact that the fates granted me is a religious icon from the Daughters of Khaine. Those who hold it can resist corruption, and control of the body and mind. Yet the artefact is unstable and may detonate if not handled properly. 

I decided that this particular artefact is a snarling mask of bladed iron, once worn by a Daughters of Khaine Hag Queen called Keleth Ebonwitch, who delighted in seeking out and slaughtering the most twisted and corrupted followers of Chaos. She eventually fell in battle against a Great Unclean One, Poxbilge the Smotherer, but even as the Daemon assaulted her with all manner of eldritch, rotting plagues, the mask protected her till the end. Dubbed ‘The Mask of Keleth’ the artefact has been passed through the Khinerai ranks for generations since, but even the mask has its limits. In recent years fractures have begun to form on its surface, and it occasionally trembles with the barely contained power of a thousand curses.

KC Shi

For my Lost Artefact I rolled…

Artefact Form: Heavy Armour

Artefact Origins: Katophranes

Artefact Properties: Realmwalker

Artefact Eccentricities: Sentient

I have unearthed a suit of heavy armour, created by the ancient Katophranes, which protects its wearer from the harshest elements. But the armour also has a will of its own, for inside its shadeglass-lined plate, a captive soul lingers.

This artefact practically writes itself! Its creator, the legendary Katophrane smith Ahmas Pelka, worked shadeglass into wondrous forms for her fellow nobles to wear. Trapped inside the same material when Nagash banished Shadespire to the void between realms, Ahmas had little else to occupy her deteriorating mind except escape. By whispering instructions to the intruders who wandered into the city, who still had hands to work her forge, Ahmas created a new home for herself: the Sarcophagus Guard, a suit of shadeglass armour which could survive the hazards of the aetheric void. Its wearers have come and gone, but the sentient armour endures, waiting for someone strong enough to don it and walk free of Nagash’s prison. 

And there we have it! Just a small handful of the thousands of possible Lost Artefacts at your fingertips with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Artefacts of Power. What wonders will you uncover?

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