Date Posted: 15-09-2021

Horned Rat Interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy

WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy chatted to Tabletop Gaming magazine about The Horned Rat, Vol 4 of The Enemy Within Campaign. if you are thinking of buying this volume or already own it, check out the interview below!

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The Horned Rat is the fourth volume of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of the Enemy Within, one of most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written. Building on the dramatic events at the end of Power Behind the Throne, recruiting your brave heroes into the service of the city of Middenheim for more drama and intrigue.In the penultimate volume of the five-part series of grim and perilous Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay adventures, the tables are turned as enemies that have pursued the Characters since the beginning of the epic campaign are forced to defend themselves. 

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