Date Posted: 21-07-2019

C7 Sunday Summary!


Afraid you missed some Cubicle 7 news this week? Fear not, below we recap on all the juicy bits in one post! As always, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for the latest news.


Lat Monday we discussed  another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the enigmatic Knight-Incantor of the Stormcast Eternals. Read more here. Artwork by the super talented Carol Azevedo.


Last Wednesday we announced the release of Ubersreik Adventures: The Mad Men of Gotheim PDF. This title is now number 1 on DrivethruRPGs bestselling list, pick it up now for just $4.99 or read more here.

But that wasn’t all, we had a bumper #Warhammer Wednesday and shared a sneak peak of the amazing cover art for Volume 3 of WFRP: Power Behind the Throne – Enemy Within Campaign and its companion. Catch up here.


We couldn’t wait to share the cover art  by Johan Grenier for the he One Ring – The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying game 2nd Ed! Check it out below or read the full post here and let us know what you think over on Facebook or Twitter!

We closed out the week with another #40kFriday post. Did you know you can now buy many of the great books developed by Ulisses Spiele on Drive Thru RPG ? Plus, we added many Wrath & Glory titles to our webstore! Read the full post here.

On Friday we also alerted everyone to the amazing Christmas in July Sale over on DriveThruRPG! You can get 25% off lots of Cubicle 7 PDF titles for a limited time only! Click here to check out these great bargains.

Stay tuned next week for lots more news and reveals!