WFRP4: Upcoming Releases and Exciting Projects!

It may not be Wednesday but we have a WFRP update today from producer Pádraig Murphy, listing many of the exciting titles you can look forward to in the future! 

Hi all, I thought it would be a good time to share an overall update with you on WFRP - while it can sometimes seem quiet from the outside, behind the scenes it has been anything but! There are numerous exciting projects in the works - below I have listed some, though not all, of what’s on the slate for the year ahead. We have held a few things back, as it wouldn’t do to rob you of all our surprises, but I hope this gives a good indication of where WFRP is headed right now.

You’ve probably heard of these before:

The Enemy Within - Death on the Reik

The campaign continues with Death on the Reik and its companion volume. The events of Bogenhafen, and perhaps Bogenhafen itself, are but a memory as our Characters explore the opportunities afforded by the rivers and canals of the Empire! Death on the Reik will see it’s digital release quite soon, and we’ll be sharing some layouts previews very shortly.

The Enemy Within - Power Behind the Throne

The campaign continues with Power Behind the Throne and its companion volume.

Middenheim - City of the White Wolf

An updated sourcebook for Ulric’s chosen city, packed with new content, and including a section detailing the political situation in the city both before and after the events of The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within - The Horned Rat

The campaign continues with The Horned Rat and its companion volume

Altdorf (Working title)

The most complete WFRP source book for Altdorf ever created, detailing its many districts, important NPCs and locations, and the political and social issues that drive Sigmar’s chosen city.

The Enemy Within - Empire in Ruins

The campaign comes to its thrilling conclusion with Empire in Ruins and its companion volume.

But we haven’t spoken as much about these:

Archives of The Empire Vol I

In a private room at the Great Hospice, a deft hand has gathered information from across the Empire. Archives of The Empire Vol I features articles on Halflings and Dwarfs, an exploration of The Laurelorn, rules for mass combat, and more.

Archives of the Empire Vol II

Our collector continues to compile missives on life throughout The Empire, with articles on voracious Ogres, enchanted items, and more.

Career Compendium

An expanded career compendium, including new options for existing careers, as well as new careers for Characters to pursue. New careers including Alchemists, Doomsayers, and Barber-Surgeons feature alongside updated options and alternatives for existing careers.

The Imperial Zoo

The Imperial Zoo of Altdorf is home to a plethora of fantastic and dangerous beasts from across the Old World. But before they were caged for the edification of Altdorf’s paying citizens, someone had to capture them. A bestiary of monsters, threats, and terrors of The Old World, with commentary from The Imperial Zoo’s own talented acquisitions team. Having scoured the Old World to locate and capture the Zoo’s catalog, these hardy souls have not been left unscathed by the horrors they have witnessed, and it would be a foolhardy adventurer indeed who failed to heed their sage advice.

Monuments of The Empire

A short digital release exploring six intriguing monuments which can be dropped into any ongoing campaign.

One Shots of The Reikland

A short digital release detailing short one session adventures set in various locations from Buildings of the Reikland.

The Winds of Magic

A history of the lore and practice of magic in the Empire, the High Magic of the Elves, and the runes of Dwarfs. Expanded careers for all eight varieties of human Wizard, as well as additional spells. Finally, an alternate magic system is included, allowing daring casters to create and customise their own spells and rituals!

Reikland Adventures

A series of adventures set around the Reikland.

Any details on unreleased products are subject to change as Morrslieb waxes and wanes. Attempts to infer a precise order of release from the above is likely to result in madness and mutation - you have been warned!


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