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Shadows under Bogenhafen

In the original Shadows over Bogenhafen, some extra attention was given to the exact ways and means by which adventurers might attempt to leap the stream of effluent that winds its way through the sewers beneath the town.

This was removed from Enemy in Shadows for reasons of space, and because a similar, if less nuanced, effect can be had by calling for an Athletics Test should Characters wish to attempt anything other than a slow shuffle in pursuit of their quarry.

Legendary WFRP writer Graeme Davis and WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy thought it might come in handy for some of you now. So, we have cleansed the text of most spoilers, and presented it below.

Despite its absence from Enemy in Shadows, the chart below is not without its charms, and anything that might encourage Characters to take further (calculated) risks in the sewers can only be a good thing!

Above is both the Bogenhafen Sewer Diagram, and a description of those now infamous sewers.


The sewers are composed of two sorts of tunnel ways: major sewers (shown by a heavy line on the Map) have two walkways, each 30 inches wide, on either side of a 5-foot-wide effluent channel.

The channel is 5 feet deep, and filled to a depth of D4 feet. The curved ceiling is 10 feet from the top of the effluent channel at its highest point. The platforms are only wide enough to allow Characters to proceed in single file.

Minor sewers (shown by a narrow line on Map 4) are simple pipes, 5 feet in diameter and filled to a depth of D3 feet. Characters who wish to go along minor sewers must wade (see Movement, below).


There is comparatively little risk involved in walking along the sewers at a cautious rate; any character who attempts to move at greater than cautious rate must make an Initiative test each round, or fall into the effluent.

Characters who wish to cross the effluent channel must leap or wade. Because of the cramped conditions, there is only room for the required 2 yard run-up if the character runs diagonally across the effluent channel - a leap of 4 yards. If the test is failed, the character falls into the effluent channel. Wading characters must take an Initiative test every turn (every minute) in order to avoid slipping and falling over.

There are two types of junction in the sewer system. Where a minor sewer flows into a major sewer, the junction is beneath the walkway and the walkway is not interrupted. Where two major sewers meet, the walkway is interrupted, requiring the adventurers to improvise a bridge of some kind or to make a leap of 5 feet (2 yards) to cross.

The original diagrams can be found on page 73 of the original WFRP Shadows Over Bögenhafen (p.76 of the Cubicle 7 PDF re-release).

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