WFRP Production Update & Empire in Ruins Reveal

Hello! Welcome to another Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay production update. We have a lot going on right now, including working on a seasonal adventure we plan to release before Halloween - more on that spooky release soon! For now, let's dive right in!

Power Behind the Throne, Companion & Collector’s Edition

Power Behind the Throne and its companion have shipped to direct-order customers. US and rest of world orders are complete and UK direct orders are almost complete. Power Behind the Throne also arrived into games stores from August 25th. The third part of The Enemy Within campaign, Power Behind the Throne is an exciting exploration of intrigue and high society in the chosen city of Ulric, Middenehim. It is a great adventure, and one everyone should play at least once.

A great addition to this is, of course, the Power Behind the Throne Companion, but consider also picking up Middenheim: City of the White Wolf. There is a ton of extra content, loads of information about the city, and more than enough material to expand your campaign. You can pick up your copy of Middenheim: City of the White Wolf here or find it in your local games store now! 

Pre-order Power Behind the Throne here.

Pre-order the PBtT Companion here.

The Horned Rat, Companion & Collector’s Edition

The Horned Rat, its Companion and the Collector’s Edition have scurried into the hands of our printers, and will be burrowing their way into the homes of our pre-order customers and then into stores in Q1 2022. We should receive our fold and gathers (unbound, soft copy of the book) soon, which is very exciting! 

Did you read this recent interview with WFRP Producer Pádraig Murphy in Tabletop Gaming magazine about The Horned Rat?

Pre-order the The Horned Rat here

Pre-order the The Horned Rat Companion here

Empire in Ruins, Companion & Collector’s Edition - Cover Reveal!

‘I saw a blasphemous city coming down from the heavens and as it descended, the people cried out in woe! I saw death, madness, and transformation as the Exalted Lord brought his Master’s realm to the Crown of the Empire.’

Part V of The Enemy Within, Empire in Ruins brings the entire campaign to an exciting conclusion.

After the events of The Horned Rat, the heroes have won the respect and trust of many in Middenheim, but before they can capitalise on their renown, the Empire descends into the turmoil of civil strife. A number of threats that the Characters may have thought far behind them reassert their influence. Icons of authority and leadership are found wanting, and the greatest nation in the Old World appears destined to shake itself to pieces. Only by undertaking a dangerous journey can the Characters prevent the ruination of all they hold dear.

Cover Reveal and Release!

Last week we shared the cover art for the standard edition of the campaign book shown above and now we are excited to reveal the cover for the Companion and the beautiful Collector's editions.

We plan to release the PDF and commence the pre-order this week (week of Sep 20th). The Companion will follow relatively quickly behind and expands the campaign with multiple new scenes and adventures, as well as more in-depth explorations of some of the campaign's alternative endings.

Empire in Ruins Companion includes:

  • Alternative Empires, features the ramifications of the fulfilment of the ambitions of Yann Zuntermein, Karl-Heinz Wasmeier, or the late Kastor Lieberung.
  • More Madcraw, the Night Goblins and their depredations return with more details on this extraordinary remote tribe, including several new tribe members that might trouble any adventurers who stray into their territory.
  • The Place of the Shining Rock, more details and fascinating lore on this sacred site holy to both Sigmar and Ulric, its storied past and geography.
  • Altdorf in Chaos, highlights the several unusual phenomena that could occur in the Crown of the Empire as the Enemy Within nears its thrilling climax.
  • The Imperial Ostlanders, who are these brave frontier folk, ably commanded by Reikhardt Mathis Sievers, and what part might they play in Empire in Ruins?
  • The Nordland Question, during the Turmoil that shakes the Empire, many provincial areas make a play for greatness at this time. Nordland’s history and notable personalities show rebellion was inevitable sooner or later.
  • The Siege of Diesdorf, under the looming threat of the Red Crown, can the Diesdorf Council keep their town in good order?
  • The Bigger They Are... An Ogre as a judicial champion means most trials are decided before they begin.
  • The Triumph of the Gravelord: Will the Gravelord (everyone’s favourite self-obsessed Necromancer) who has stalked the Characters since Death on the Reik, achieve supremacy?

Archives of the Empire II

Archives II is written, edited, and its art is complete. We aim to release the PDF not long after the Empire in Ruins Companion. The book contains new rules for mass combat, an exploration of Ogres as a Character Species, some new Careers, and even the unusual gastronomic magic that some of their kind are said to wield. The Great Hospice, a location explored in earlier editions of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, returns, with detailed NPCs and gripping plot hooks. 

No Strings Attached 

When Mystic Myrtle’s Myriad Amusements comes to town, folks are excited and eager to step out for an evening’s entertainment. From the well heeled to the lowly paid, everyone is out in force. With acrobats, contortionists, puppets and ‘a magnificent menagerie of marvellous mammals and maleficent monsters’ at the funfair, what could possibly go wrong? No Strings Attached is an exciting stand alone adventure featuring an unusual investigation into very strange happenings. A deep dive into the town’s many machinations, in particular the Cobblers’ Guild, the party go toe to toe with more than they bargained for in order to find their feet and get to the bottom of these extraordinary murders in a race against time. Packed with intrigue, mystery and mayhem, this adventure has more than enough to keep your party entertained.

Winds of Magic

An exploration of magic as it is practiced in the Empire, Winds of Magic focuses on both the approved magic of the Colleges, as well as the clandestine and forbidden practices of the witches that ply their grim trade in the isolated hamlets and deep forests of the Empire. Packed with new spells for all eight winds, as well as Witches and Hedge Witches, the book will greatly expand the options available to all spellcasters found in the core rulebook. Winds of Magic is currently in pre-production and writing and illustration will begin in the coming weeks.

Elector Counts

An exciting new card game for 2–4 players, Elector Counts contains everything you need to vie for control of the Empire. This box contains a set of English rules, 112 game cards, a set of tokens and a player aid card. Available to pre-order now and due in stores Jan 2022. 

Pre-order Elector Counts here.

The Imperial Zoo

The last few weeks have been spent polishing the graphic design and layout for the Imperial Zoo. It’s a rather different WFRP book, and the layout needs to reflect that. The magnum opus of the daring scribe Theodosius Schreiber, every page of The Imperial Zoo is soaked with authentic Old World style, not to mention the occasional splash of spilled blood.

Regrettably, the scribes involved in collating the final document for The Imperial Zoo were mauled by a Griffon — as such it has moved to Q4 for release in PDF.

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